Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun Christmas Meme!

Christy from Between Here and Home has tagged me for a fun Christmas Meme!!

1) Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
Definitely hot chocolate with marshmallows! Or a candy cane stirrer! Although, I honestly can't say I don't like egg nog since I've never tried it. But it makes me think of Rocky in training, and I'm sorry, but I just won't go there!

2) Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Sits them under the tree with a bow and a note! There seems to be differing opinions on Santa, and what we did/do is explain to our kids a few years ago the real reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Santa is based on someone who was real (Nicholas) and who gave to those in need, but Santa Claus is just pretend. But it's fun to pretend, and if they want to they still can. Neither kid was shocked (at age 4), and my youngest said "I thought it was Daddy anyway!". They believe in Jesus, they don't care there's not really a Santa, they like to hear that there was a good real person who gave to others, and they still want to have some Christmas fun with it anyway! So, "Santa" leaves one unwrapped gift with a bow and a note!! And that's how we roll! :)

3) Colored lights on tree/house or white?
White outside, and it varies inside! Most trees are white, but for years we did colored, cause that's what we grew up with! Now, the playroom tree is colored lights cause the girls like it better!

4) Do you hang mistletoe?
No, but I did kiss my sweetie under a kissing ball at the Biltmore last weekend, so we're covered! ;)

5) When do you put your decorations up?
The week before Thanksgiving -- we're never home for Thanksgiving anymore, so it cuts down on my stress level to do it before!

6) What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)??
This is a toughie, since someone different hosts all the time! I do love a good Christmas ham, though! Mmm!! With cheesy potatoes casserole, too! Or White Chicken Chili for a quick Christmas Eve meal! Ok, now my mouth is watering!

7) Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Being in our tiny church and the kids doing the Christmas Nativity "play"; driving around looking at lights after service; my sister and I clearly hearing jingley bells outside my bedroom window one Christmas eve (my room was smack next to the chimney), and seeing a reindeer hoof prints on the snowy roof outside; laying under the tree and looking up at all the twinkly lights......

8) When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I don't remember, I think I always just "knew". But my best friend's little brother found out by accident Christmas morning, and he screamed "YOU LIED TO ME!!" and ran upstairs. Not fun! That's part of the reason I told my kids, (though they already "knew" too).

9) Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Yup, just one and it's always new jammies to wear that night!!

10) How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
It's different every year! I should post pics on another post! This year there's one that's quite formal in the dining room with lots of real pheasant feathers, one in our family room that's simple and serene, one in the sunroom that's garden/vintage themed, and one in the playroom that's all red glittery stars! The family ornaments are on the sunroom tree right now. That might change, though! :)

11) Snow! Love it or dread it??
Love me a White Christmas!

12) Can you ice skate?
I used to be able to as a kid! Haven't done it in years. I just got my old skates though, but only to decorate with LOL!!!

13) Do you remember your favorite gift?
A few fav's: a wooden sled, a fancy doll and bed and high chair, ballet shoes and lessons, a Nintendo !, and as an adult: finding out my sis-in-law was expecting!

14) What is the most important thing about the holidays for you?
Celebrating the birth of my Saviour Jesus Christ, and being with those I love! As a mom, I also want my children to know the real reason for this season of JOY, and I want to create lovely memories for them as well!

15) What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Without a doubt, Christmas cookies. And my favorite is Cherry Sand Tarts! I'll have to post a recipe!! I feel I need to admit here that I also like fruit cake. But only my hubby's Grandma's version. Yummy! Sue me.

16) What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Going to Christmas Eve services. And having my Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" every single year, just as he has since I was born! If we aren't together for Christmas that year, we schedule a multi-family conference call to hear "the reading", and listen to Daddy yawn throughout the story! :) That tradition is why I collect Santas! A fav new tradition we've started several years ago is to have a Jesus present. I'll do a post on that, too!

17) What tops your Christmas tree?
A bow or feathers or pretty branches.

18) Which do you prefer -- Giving or Receiving?
Well, it's fun to get gifts :), but I truly have a little wiggly happy dance watching others open their gifts -- way more fun!

19) What is your favorite Christmas song?
Oh Holy Night is just lovely!

20) Candy canes? Yuck or Yum??
Oh, so good! Yummy indeed!! Although I had a nauseous aversion to them when pregnant with my first kid. Anything minty taste or smell made me sick. It only lasted for 5 YEARS! But now I'm back to my candy cane licking days!! :)

21) What do you want for Christmas?
A Longaberger market basket to hold stuff by my family room chair, and to use at the farmers market!

22) Do you attend an annual Christmas party?
Not here in NC, but we did every year in the Chicago area with our church class!

23) Do you dress up on Christmas or wear PJ's?
It depends on which family we're with! We switch every year. My side, definitely PJ's for most of the day. His side, we get dressed in something casual but nicer. It's weird. But so is wearing jammies in front of your father-in-law! :)

24) Do you own a Santa hat?
Nope. And again, no way!!

25) Who do you normally spend Christmas with?
Answered this in #23. Always family, though!

Now, that you know some crazy things about me, and my fingers are about to fall off cause I can never give a succinct answer to these things....I'd like to tag 5 of you lovelies for this meme!! Cause I'm curious what you would say! :)

Here goes:
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Have a great day today!!


Shanda said...

I enjoyed reading all of your answers - many were similar to what I would have answered. Interestingly enough we do the same Pj's with my family; more dressed up with my husbands...I wonder if that is how many people do things?

Sandy Toes said...

How fun! Love reading your answers..they are Santa hat..come on???
-sandy toes

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That is a really fun Christmas meme. It also made me want to have some hot chocolate with a candy cane. Right now! :)

Imperfect said...

This was so fun to read! We have the exact same Christmas Eve tradition--one gift that's always a new pair of jammies. Not only do we wear them that night but we often spend most of Christmas day in them too! I can remember wearing them for a seven hour drive in the snow to PA on Christmas Day. Just picture a little kid with snow boots and a winter coat over jammies tromping through a rest area...hehe. It was fun!

Tina said...

How very fun! I enjoyed reading your answers.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jen, thanks for thinking of me on this one! I don't always play along with the tags, but since it's Christmas, I may try to do this one. :) So look for something maybe next week.

Fun to read all about yours!

Vanilla Lavender said...

Very cute blog! Have a great day! :) Vanessa

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Very fun, Stacey! I enjoyed your answers as well. I really like how you explained Santa to your children. You are too wonderful!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

That beautiful photo of your girls in their matching black coats and caps with that MOST amazing Santa belongs in a magazine. : )

tardevil said...

I don't remember if I've been by your blog b/4, but I just had to mention after reading several of your posts that we were thinking of driving up to Biltmore on Sunday. We've been b/4, but never at Christmas. Since it's going to be 30 & windy w/ snow, we may post-pone it a week, but I'm thinking we need to spend 2 days there now to go to the Grove Park Inn like you guys did. My daughter loves seeing the gingerbread house show they do on Food Network there.

Becky said...

My favorite song is O Holy Night too. The Biltmore was so pretty when we visited it I can only imagine how beautiful it is this month. Wonderful pictures of your family and children. And your home looks pretty too.
Enjoyed my visit here today.

Stacey said...

Hi Stacey-
Coffee and shopping sounds lovely! Things are getting a little crazy with the holidays and family visiting but I could get together the 17th, 18th, or 19th. Would either of those be good for you?
I love the picture of your little girls with Santa. He must be the real Santa Clause because he sure looks authentic to me!

Ki said...

You sure can find out a lot about a person by their answers to the list of Christmas questions. I now know why I like you! I prefer to spend most of Christmas day in my jammies! Delightful Post!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll probably do this today! Loved all your answers! These are so fun to read. :)

Katie said...

I love that your Daddy always reads that story...even when y'all aren't all together! HOW SWEET!! And, mmm, a good Christmas ham! Gotta have ham on Christmas! ;o)

gina said...

Enjoyed reading about your holidays. I just did a version of this today too.

We also do jammies as a gift on Christmas Eve too- and my sister and i always got them on CE as kids too. :)