Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Organizing 101 -- The Entry

Welcome! Come on in & let's talk Organizing Your Entry!!!

Whether it's the front entry or the back door, we can all use a little inspiration for getting things organized!

Keys, mail, purses, backpacks and coats all need a home. So, where do we put them? I've showed you my coat closet, but what if you don't have a coat closet of your own? What if there's very little entry/foyer space, or no separate entry space at all? Where do you store all of your "stuff"?

It CAN be neatly organized -- with style!

My front door opens up onto the main hallway. The stairs are ahead on the right, and the living room is just to the left. There is no planned "foyer" in this home, but we have carved out several little spaces for Entry Organizing!

1) A Console Table behind the loveseat separates the living room from the "hallway" area, and has drawers that could hold keys and mail, and shelves that could hold baskets for shoes, gloves & scarves, & purses.

2) This piece is by the front door and also has shelves that could do double duty if needed. A cute tray or bowl to catch keys as they are tossed down would work well here, and no one would ever have to search for lost keys again! :)

3) We have a coat closet, but I always love how mirrors expand a space, and these extra hooks are sure handy! This hangs on the wall behind the door. It takes up next to no space, and really gives this wall some organizational purpose!

A little beadboard topped with a shelf and some pegs or hooks & you'd have a great coat/backpack area here!

In my other homes, I have only had one "true" foyer/entry space. Everywhere else, from apartments to houses, I've had to get creative!

I've used dressers as entry tables, a slim bench with hooks above, and in my last house where the door from the garage opened straight into the family room I put a basket under an end table to hold shoes and a little shelf with hooks above the end table to hold keys, purse, & mail.

There's always room for a little organization :) , no matter how small the space!

{photo: theshabbynest.blogspot.com}

Above is an ingenious idea from Wendy at The Shabby Nest -- She turned a little used closet into a Mini Mudroom! Click here to see how she did it!

{photo: haskconstruction.com}

Check out these super slim locker spaces above! This would fit into even a very narrow hallway beautifully!

{photo: justbeachy.blogspot.com}

I love how Chris at Just Beachy added some hooks and a mirror behind her door that even the little ones could easily reach! Great for those "extra" kids that always hang out at the house!

{photo: apartmenttherapy}

I love the photo above because it shows how you don't need much room to make a big organizational impact!

Using an old dresser or desk can yield big storage space. Use the drawers as is, or remove the drawers and install plywood shelves and baskets to corral your "stuff"! This desk can pull double duty for you to pay bills at or, even better, do a little blog-surfing! :)

I also love having a mini ottoman or chair tucked nearby for putting on shoes, holding a bag, or even extra seating when pulled into the room!

{photo: southern living}

How about a small armoire?!! Perfect for making a mini coat closet out of! Jackets, backpacks, purses and more will fit easily inside! Put a tray on the bottom for shoes, and hang cup hooks on the interior of the door for keys. Look for one secondhand and re-do to fit with your decorating style!

Hope this gave you some Entry Inspiration!

Till next time....


Chris said...

Thank you for including me , I could not live without those hooks they are a life saver daily.

Shanda said...

As always; such wonderful ideas!

Could I make a request? Can you tell me what you do specifically with your organization of shoes??

With 5 of us I am having difficulty keeping up with our shoe space. The "guideline" is that we each have 2-3 pair that can be in our small coat closet (on a rack) but even that is overflowing...I'd love to hear some of your ideas!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great tips, and I love the photos you found to share with us! :) I always look forward to your organization posts b/c they inspire me to get busy! ;)

Noel said...

I love those pictures- you have a beautiful home! I'm looking for a bench and mirror for our entryway.

Shannon said...

Love that sweet table by your door!

JD said...

You have a beautiful home...thank you for sharing your great ideas to help with organization...

Jenny S said...

This is so fun! Youa re doing a great job!

My name is Cheryl said...

Hi Stacey!
Great post. I am goign to be sprucing up my foyer in the coming weeks and I am a nut for organization in the entry.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love your vacation pics you posted. Looks like you got sun.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Great ideas here! It's so hard sometimes to keep all the clutter in check but your suggestions are great. We don't have a dedicated foyer, our home opens right into the living room. I'm thinking I need to do something behind our loveseat for the items that are dropped right when we come in the door. We mostly use our back door but guests come in the front and drop purses and things there.

Joy said...

I love the piece by the front door
and the mirror too. Neat idea's you posted too loved the pictures.

Darlene said...

Great ideas and pictures. I love your black table by the door.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Your house looks so beautiful - great tips. I'm a sucker for anything that has the word organizing in it.

SoBella Creations said...

Great ideas!

Angie said...

Great pictures and tips! You have a beautiful home!

Holly Blocker said...

Beautiful home, lots of similarities in our homes....I have the same black mirror with hooks in my entryway, I added a leather storage ottoman below it to store shoes and act as a bench for people to put on their shoes when leaving!! Good luck with your new home, I just went through it all my self! Great Blog!