Saturday, March 20, 2010

Green Thumb Gardening Day

Do you feel like you have a "Black Thumb" when it comes to having plants or a garden?
Well, no longer! I'm here to tell you that You Can Do It --Grow that "Green Thumb"-- And most importantly, have FUN learning to Garden!!!


That's why I started our new Gardening series on Saturdays, now known as:
Green Thumb Gardening
@ The Blessed Nest

I'll be sharing lots of simple & fun tips for you!

Easy hints, inspiration photos, design help, and more!

We'll also be starting a Linky party Next Saturday March 27th!!!

Come on over here to The Blessed Nest and link up your gardening pics & projects.

It can be ANYTHING gardening related.....

flowers peeking up in Spring, pics from last year, pots by the front door, your favorite plant/flower, container garden, plans & ideas for this year, a project to decorate the garden, your kids' treehouse/playhouse, photos asking for help, your cute new garden apron, a visit to a local botanical garden, veggies you're planting, even some Spring flowers making the inside of your house all pretty!

Link up next Saturday Mar. 27th and let's share!!! Sound fun? :)


Ok, here's a garden planning tip I'll share with you today.....

This is a picture of my backyard. Notice anything? Nope? Well, you're right -- there's nothing as far as plants or flowers or shrubs there to notice {LOL}!

What is more subtle in the pic above, and what you should notice in your own garden as you plan, is the amount of Sun vs. Shade that your garden receives.

This is just one thing to take into account before purchasing any plants.

How do you do this?

Let's take a look here:
(Thanks to photo software I suddenly have a little perennial {A} (plants that come back every year) border!)

Make note of where the full sun, partly sunny, full shade, partly shady spots in the garden are.

Let me caution you that while you can do this now in Spring, things change from season to season. Don't just look at the ground when you're planning, look UP too!

Take a look at {B} in the pic above. Trees start out in Spring with little leafy buds, then have leaves all over them in the Summer, and in Fall the leaves are falling off other words, as the seasons change, the light and Sun vs. Shade in your garden changes too. Keep it in mind as you plan your garden spaces.

So, a plant that needs full sun and blooms in the Spring {hint: the tag on the plant will tell you the amount of sun it needs, the time of growth/bloom, as well as other info.} would do just fine planted under a tree because the tree leaves aren't grown out yet. But a plant that needs full sun and blooms in the hot Summertime would not do well placed under that same tree, 'cause now it's all cool and shady under there with the full canopy of leaves!

When I was planning this post, I saw something really cool on my friend's blog & she allowed me to share it with you!

Amanda from Serenity Now did a wonderful post recently about how to make a drawn plan for Sun vs. Shade. So easy, and so clever! She's sweet & awesome & has a really wonderful blog too! :) Take a look here and check out the pic from Amanda below...

Amanda says, "I am learning that planning is essential to gardening." Right on! That is SO true!

Checking the amount of Sun vs. Shade in your garden is one easy way to plan & ensure that you're on the road to a successful & beautiful Garden!


Garden Seeds

I was so pleased to get a little package in the mail yesterday from Hometown Seeds. They sent me some Survival Seeds as well as some lovely flower seeds! I'll really enjoy using them in our new garden this year! Can't wait! Thank you, Hometown Seeds :)!!

Happy Garden Planning &
I hope you'll join us all next week for the Linky party! Come on back now, ya hear?!!!


Stacey said...

Hi Stacey! Your backyard is a blank slate but it looks like you have nice beds already layed out. That's a bonus!

It's snowing here today in Oklahoma. Oh brother,I say!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Stacey -- It's snowing here today too! But yesterday it was in the 60's! Crazy :).


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thank you so much for the linky love, Stacey. :) I am excited for your gardening party! I have some gorgeous daffodils that I can share. :) Have a wonderful weekend! (PS. I just posted a little update on my blog today with a link to your post/announcement about your series)

Anonymous said...

well, I am definitely looking forward to gleaning from your gardening wisdom. This'll be my first year gardening, and I'm excited and nervous. Can't wait for the last frost (mid-May for me) so I can get out there planting.

Kendra Joyner said...

Looks like fun!! I love blank yard canvases!! Can't wait to see everybody's yards!

myletterstoemily said...


great tips for novice gardeners!

location, location, location!

Kelli said...

This is exactly what I need...thank you. I will be checking in each Saturday.

Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Stacey - I'm new to your blog but I love it! I'm totally new to gardening but i've found I am growing fonder and fonder of it. I've recently started to grow my own vegetables...great fun! : )

I'm also new to blogging so would love it if you took a look at my blog -

Hope to read great posts from you in the future!

Love Gemma X

Betty Jo said...

What a gorgeous blog and awesome post. I definitely have a black thumb and just may learn something during your garden tip series. I rent and only have a deck for some pots, but am looking forward to learning more about container gardening. ♥

AtOneWithHim said...

Hi Stacey, I think I am really going to enjoy your gardening series. I love to get out there and feel and smell the dirt but am kind of NOT educated on the how to's and essentials. Also the whole zone thing is confusing for me... maybe its my area. I don't know.


Joy said...

Love your backyard. My dh is the gardener in our family but I love to enjoy bringing the flowers indoors when they are blooming. Your yard will look great when you get all finished.

Ramirez said...

I picked up a book about square foot gardening and I'm going to be doing that with my vegetables this year. The book was at Dollar General of all things. I'm excited about planting lots of veggies to can this fall. :)