Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Queen of Too Many Projects at Once

That's me!


I tend to pick a project to work on (like my kitchen), then just like the dog in the movie "Up", I get distracted by something shiny in another room ("Squirrel!!") and start another project going. Then something in the next space (my dining room) looks like it really needs attention, so I plan that out, and so on & so on.

Till what I'm left with is a lot of half-done projects and not a one of them actually finished!

Not to mention a brain left swirling and feeling frustrated!

I'm very, very, very good at this, by the way!!! LOL!!


here's the plan:

I am going to pick a room and actually finish every little thing in there before going on to another room. And by "finish", I mean I still can tweak things and change stuff around a bit...just all of the major stuff will be done. 'Kay?!

Sound good? Ya with me?

Great. Cause I really am going to need the accountability to make sure this happens ;)!
(And Hubby and my sanity thanks you for it!)

Since I got going so strong in the kitchen, I think I'll keep going in there & finish it up!

{yes, this is the same kitchen! :) "BEFORE" we moved in....

& "DURING"....}

On my list:

Make curtains for the sliding glass door.
Change the light fixture overhead.
Make a "Command Central" area on the side of the fridge.
Add plates by the chalkboard.
Have the trim for the bottom of the cabinets installed.
Add mini white subway tiles on backsplash.
Get new microwave for over stove.

{My very real, wonderful life ... in my very real, definitely used, "DURING" Kitchen.}


This weekend I'll be working on my list (for the kitchen only!) and hope to try to knock out the whole thing very soon!!

Do you also suffer from Too Many Projects at Once - Itis?

What's your strategy for getting projects done?
I'd love to hear it!!


Sassy In The South said...

The kitchen looks great!

kristi_temple said...

I love how your kitchen turned out. We are also remodeling the kitchen. I still need to paint the walls and install the backsplash (mini glass subway tiles). One of these days, I'll be done.

Melissa Miller said...

It is looking beautiful Stacey!

You have really created some gorgeous changes in your kitchen. Kudos to you on all of your hard work! I adore the plates around the chalkboard idea. Precious!

Happy weekend to you! ~Melissa :)

kristi_temple said...

I bought our subway tile at our local Home Depot. It is 1 inch by 2 inch glass tile. It is sold on that mesh backing in a brick pattern (12x12 sheets). They are clear glass with opague white backing. When you look at a cross section of a tile, the glass has a greenish-bluish tint like an old coke bottle. It was $4.99 per sheet (1 sheet = 1 square foot). I hope that helps. It was half price of anything we had seen elsewhere.

kristi_temple said...

Oh . . . I almost forgot. The brand is Premium Mosaics and the color is Arctic Ice.

Brittany said...

I just was thinking the same thing today! I was running in circles between umpteen half finished projects trying to decide which was most important to finish! So, yes (raises hand) I suffer from the same disease :) I think it's time to make some lists.
I love how your kitchen is turning out, as well the ideas on your list - it's gonna be beautiful!

Alicia said...

I'm glad someone else has Adult-Onset-Decorating-ADD. We moved into our new home in December and I feel as though I am always doing something but never finishing anything!

I know you see all that you haven't done yet but the pictures definitely show all the hard work you have put it. It looks great!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

O.K.- Yes, that is me!!! I really like you strategy, and I think that I will adopt your method.
I will make a Project list tonight, if I don't get distracted Ha Ha, and go at it!
Thanks for the tip and have lots of fun!

Richella said...

Oh, boy, do I ever! I'm sure I'd get more done if I would do one thing at a time!

Your kitchen is looking great, though. I do think the plates would look really pretty on that wall. I look forward to seeing what you do!

(By the way, are you in need of plates? I just found some pretty white ones (salad size). Let me know if you'd like to see a picture of them. . . don't know if you could use them, but I found them at a thrift store for 68 cents apiece. . . it would be fun to share!

Living Life as a Mom said...

I love how you changed your kitchen, it looks amazing. I wish you luck with the rest of your projects. I look forward to seeingmore updates!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Stacey,
I am a fairly reformed too many projects queen. I have learned just like you said, that if you don't concentrate in one area you will never complete anything, course, I am much older than you, so this took some time. That is why altho our bathroom is almost finished just those last few touches, I am sticking too it, altho we did start on the next project working in the yard on Friday, but I am still concentrating on the bathroom and am just about done, so hopefully early next week, I can say "All done". Sticking with one room at a time and maybe a another small
project is a very good thing as Martha would say!
Blessings hon,
By the Way...Your kitchen looks smashingly beautiful!!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Oh how I suffer your same problem. Good to know I am not alone. I think your kitchen is fabulous. I can't imagine it looking any better. Can't wait to see the end result.

Kelly said...

I have several things going at once too. Last month I made a list room by room. Each room had a list that included things to do and items to buy. Very overwhelming so I just picked a room and forgot about the rest. It is hard to work on my house when I have client projects too, but it has made me focus and not feel so scattered. I choose my teen boys room and posted pics the other day. Good luck!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I think many of us wear that crown all to often.

I just completed a project that took 23 years. Come on by.

Shirleyanne said...

I can definitely relate to this!!!
Always too thinking about too many projects! Nearly finish one before starting another. I agree, very frustrating...get quite annoyed with myself. Trying to write list to see if that helps. Love your kitchen. What a difference after a makeover. Brilliant!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love love your cabinets and I love that tall skinny tree by your will all get done.

sandy toe

Melanie said...

Me, me, me, (raising hand wildly), over here!
YES I totally suffer from Too Many Projects at Once-itis! We moved in 2 months ago & I feel like we still have SOOOOO much to do & I keep starting little things all over...and ending up with BIG messes all do "little" projects make such "big" messes? lol!
Your kitchen is looking beautiful! I love everything you have done & I do think the plates would look great around the chalkboard! Blessings~

Judith @ Creating Balance said...

I have too many lists in my head! I did write them down (again) yesterday. I posted on decorating ADD today, too. Lists help me, but deadlines (ie, hosting a baby shower in 2 weeks) work best!
Have a great week!

Katy said...

If you're the queen then I might just be the princess...boy can I relate! ;0) I too have been trying to buckle down and get things accomplished. Good luck with your kitchen project! Blessings, Katy

Crafty Niche said...

Your kitchen is looking fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished look!

Yes, I definitely have too many projects going at one time-3 rooms, plus our landscaping project! My plan is to finish up the landscaping project, then finish our kitchen, master/guest bathroom, then lastly our bedroom. These are the main areas that people see when we have guests. But my project list is quite long! It's going to take all of this year, and possibly all of next to get these projects completed.

Thanks on the info on the Hydrangeas. I think we are going to get at least one for our landscape project. :)

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I have the same disease! Great job trying to get cured!
Paiting the dining room is my next project but I need my husband to move the chandelier over a bit first. He won't budge until I finish the hallway. How do you like that... I think he found my cure.

Nancy said...

Love how your kitchen is looking! LOVE IT! Nancy

Pamela said...

Sounds just like me! The other week I actually had to promise The Hubster I would not begin another project till I get all the ones I have already in the works completed. At first I was thinking no way but then then remembered that includes, the master bedroom. master bath, dining room, guest room, guest bath, office, and I could on but you get the idea!

Colleen said...

Hi, Just found your blog! Love it and I had to smile when I saw your queen of too many projects post. I am guilty of the same. I am pretty sure my issue is that I get stuck and then I can't figure out what I want to do so I move on to something else. I am looking for new light fixtures now and I've been stuck on that one. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!

Deborah said...

I had to laugh at this post! I am sooo like husband was just telling a friend that I have about 8 Partially finished painting projects going! Im laughing too cus thats just me! I get so excited and I wanna finish them all, so I get enough done of one thats its almost done and start into another. Whats the cure? Hmmm I dont know! lol
But I've been hoping for the cure for a long time now! lol
Your kitchen is amazing! Love that're doing a great job!
Im your newest follower!
Come and visit me!

Deborah (purehunnybee) :)