Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And She Realized That It Was a "Good Thing"...

Yes, I've been away from blogging for a couple of weeks, but rest assured, all is well! In fact, I would have to say that taking a bloggy break every now and then is, as dear Martha would say, "a good thing".

At first I was frustrated by the "writer's block" that appeared. I had a post (still in my drafts section btw) with pictures uploaded of the wonderful time I had at the Eddie Ross event all ready to go...but the words wouldn't come. I thought of a million things to share with you, but everything seemed like drivel when I tried to write it out. And quite frankly, it seems like a waste of my time and yours to just type out a little bit of nothing with a picture and post it. (Though sometimes those are my most commented on posts....hmmm...)

As Day 1 of "Not Blogging" turned into days 4, 6, and 10, I began to realize that this bloggy break was good. Good for my soul. Good for my family. Good to actually give me time to pursue the design & decorating I love to do. Good for me to pursue another idea and dream. Just GOOD.

I actually considered not blogging anymore at all. But then realized that the camaraderie and friendships I've developed with you all, not to mention the fun creative and inspirational outlet that blogging has given me is also a good thing. And so The Blessed Nest goes on.

The change is that I will not apologize for "not blogging" in a while. I think too many of us feel like we need to say "sorry" when we haven't posted for a bit. This is really such a shame! And I think that it actually goes against why we blog in the first place! :)

If I blog about home and family and decorating and hospitality, but spend so much time focusing on my blog and what to blog about that my home, family, friends, ministry, and personal creativity suffer as a result, what does that say about me? About my priorities? I certainly can't write a post inspiring you to make a welcoming home if I'm too burnt out from time on my computer editing words and pictures to make my OWN home a welcoming place to be.

And so, as I continue to post here (and love doing it!), from time to time you may see me taking a bloggy break. And I will come back when the time is right, feeling refreshed and inspired by spending time doing what is truly inspiring to ME!!

And that is a very GOOD THING!


Shelia said...

So good you're back and had such a good break. It is a good thing to have a little time for yourself. Now get back to the decorating and show us!! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kimba said...

Stacey! Your post made my day. It sounds like you and I have been walking a similar path. (Can't wait to talk about it at Relevant!)

You hit the nail right on the head here. How can you possibly be authentic in writing about home if all of your own energy is focused on your online life.

I've been wrestling with the same issues...feeling burned out, etc. I've slowed down my blogging for the summer (and maybe longer). And it's definitely been the right thing to do for my and my family.

You rock, my friend.

Melissa Miller said...

Stacey you are so right!

I truly do enjoy your wonderful blog ideas and your kindness and friendship. I am happy to see you are back posting today! It's like a breath of fresh air.

Have a blessed day.
~Melissa :)

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Glad you are back and enjoyed the break. Pat at Back Porch Musings inspired me long ago with the idea of 'blogging without obligation'. That works best for me, being a mom, working full time (although with summers off), and obligations and interests that many of us share. I post when I can, and when I think I have something to blog about.
I'm pretty sure you get comments on the simple posts just because you are who you are, and we are your bloggy friends.
Now I need to pull myself away and get some of that creating done myself. It can be easy to get caught up in the inspiration and reading ;)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You go, girl! ;) I've been much more strict with myself this summer as far as when I am leaving the computer on, returning comments, participating in blog parties, etc. There's just so much pressure to "make it big" out there in Blogland right now. I often wish that we could all go back to those days we blogged for fun, friendship, and not for more Followers, Sponsors, coverage, etc. You're right...you can't blog about real life if you live in front of the computer!

Melanie said...

Amen to everything you said sista! I have missed your posts & am glad that all is okay, that you have just been taking time to refresh, recharge, renew! And I have apologized so many times for my unintentional blogging breaks, but you are right...breaks are an important part of life, so no more guilt!
Blessings to you!

Prior said...

Good for you! I am coming to the same conclusions! Lezlee

Victoria... said...

Stacey...you couldn't have said it better! I too blog when I can and decided to not apologize for it anymore. I love having my blog and all the friendships I have made here, but it shouldn't feel like an obligation. If I am not creating and doing the thoughts in my head to share then what do I have to blog about. I am not worrying about who follows, comment...it's all about inspiring and sharing...I hope that is what others feel when visiting me. Bloggy breaks are good for our soul and creativity...my family also enjoys that I am not stressing about my blogging. Hugs to you friend and glad to read your post!!

Hugs and love to you!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I don't think I've ever commented before but after four years of blogging, I realized long ago I had to take a serious break once in awhile.

Most of those happen naturally with a scheduled vacation or (unfortunately) an illness.

However, there are those times I've had to take time off just for clearing my brain.

I am glad you are continuing to blog. :)

southerninspiration said...

YES MA'AM, I totally agree with you! It's been hard lately to blog regularly, so I've been sporadic, too. Just a day or two ago, I sat down and wrote several posts and put them on a schedule....I like how that works!!! so I am the same as you...will blog when I can, but not obligated to blog everyday! I would love to see progress you've made on your house!!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, we tend to apologize when we don't blog for awhile. I want to do it because it's fun. I don't want it to consume me. I too have thought of quitting but I have made such awesome friends.


Shevon said...

Good girl. Family, friends, and faith should come before "work." Blogging, in my opinion, is an outlet for me. I love to write and share, but do not want my way of life to suffer for it. It is very touching to know that people worry about you when you do not post.

Darlene said...

Guilt free blogging! that is what it is all about!!!! go girl.

Chrissy said...

I so agree. I'd rather here from a blog once in a while with something WOW than blah blah blah. Missed your blog. Can't wait to read about what you've come up with over your break. The Busy Beaver cbeavers.blogspot.com

Centsational Girl said...

Stacey, this is so well written, thank you so much for sharing this sentiment. I know exactly how you feel about writer's block, I often struggle with that too ! I fully endorse your position, especially the part about NOT apologizing.

Bravo girlfriend.


Vanessa said...

Hi Stacey! My name is Vanessa and I just "stumbled" across your blog but really I think it was no coincidence. I have just joined the blogging world and am already feeling my mind reeling from dreaming up future blog posts, taking pics of my home and projects, and remembering that as in most areas of my life, I don't know how to do things half-way. Your recent post was a good reminder that what I wanted to do in the first place was something just for me. A way to not feel so one-dimensional in this season as wife and mom of 2 little ones. Anyway, I can't wait to follow your journey and hope if you get a chance you can hop on over and take a look at my blog at

Lita C. Malicdem said...

This is a "wake up call" for me. I feel so little whenever I have long gaps posting and I've even come to the point of bluntly apologizing. It's a good thing I dropped by. So much to know about new points in online relations from here, Happy SITS Sunday!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I so "echo" your thoughts in this post-

sandy toe

Seizing My Day said...

I am about to take a small bloggy break myself!! =) I am looking forward to spending time with my kiddos outdoors, reading grown up books... things I don't do nearly as much when I am blogging! =)

Donna said...

Great advice~Thanks, Stacey! Taking a break is definitely a good thing! I just came back from a blogging break myself...ahhh...so refreshing!

Have a great day!

Pamela Kirk said...

Hi... I'm Pam, a new follower. I really liked this post because I experience the same thing but in my sewing. I get so caught up in making money to help our family I can't just sit and enjoy our family when I have time. Then my husband and sometimes even my daughters have to remind me of what I'm really doing. I'm starting to call running our home business my enjoyment/playtime not my work.

Thank you again and if I may I would like to link to this post.


Pamela Kirk said...

Hi. This is Pam again. I'm not sure quite how to link to this post. Could you help me? I'm fairly new to this blogging business.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Hi! If you'd like to link to a specific post, just click on the title of the post, that will bring that post to it's own page. Then just highlight the whole webaddress up top, right click and "copy", then when you are blogging your own post and want to link, you just highlight "the blessed nest" or what ever and click on the "link" icon (bloggers is round) and "paste" in the address to your link. Hope this helps! :)


Pamela Kirk said...

It did. Thanks so much.

Bless you,