Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day Staging

I love the feeling of being all snuggly inside when it's yucky outside!

So, I've been puttering around, taking photos of what I've been up to to show y'all!!

And we've been pretty busy lately!
You see, we are going to be putting our house on the market in the next couple of weeks.
Yup, we're moving back "home"!!

And that means getting the house de-cluttered and staged to sell.

I am a FIRM believer in staging a house, it's worked to sell our last 2 places super-quick!
So, I am beginning by de-cluttering and de-personalizing my house.
That includes donating all kinds of things, and taking down family pictures and personal items.
It also includes removing things that are taste-specific.

Next, I'm adding just a few cheery updated things to make the house look it's best.

I'll be updating you and showing you "mini-makeovers" as things go along in the next week or 2, but if you want to know more about staging
check out The Nester and Remodeling Guy's series that started today!
Talk about perfect timing! :)

So, here's a few snapshots of what I've been working on this weekend!:

Adding some gorgeous fake granny-smith apples in an apothecary jar next to my fake lemons in an apothecary jar!

This is in my breakfast nook, and I'm using these cheery spring/summer colors of yellow and green in the whole downstairs for updated color accents!

My downstairs is neutrals paired with wheat to sagey/mossy greens. So adding a punch of bright yellow and green in the entry and kitchen will look so fresh!!

I straightened up my pantry!

I took out the fall/winter arrangement, and am gathering ideas for spring/summer.
Forsythia branches?
Magnolia leaves and white roses?
A gigantic moss sphere?
Just greenery??

I also have to do a dining room table centerpiece.
Hmm....still thinking on this one....

I re-did my bookshelves!
Took off most of the books (it was mostly just filled with books and family pictures),
and have been staging it, and tweaking it. I still may tweak the bottom 2 shelves in the center yet.

Notice the piles on the floor :)!!
Those are getting boxed up!

The old window with family photos that I shared with you in this post came down in the family room, and I replaced it with these Southern Living @ Home wall tiles.

The bronze color goes with my lamps and accents in this room.


We worked in the laundry room :)!!
Post coming soon...

And did loads of other organizing and de-cluttering things!

So, there you go!
A peek into my projects!!

Later today, I'll do more to get the house ready to sell....

but for now I'm still wearing this:

the fluffiest, comfiest, warmest robe ever and enjoying my


Shanda said...

We are having a snow day too!! Enjoyed your staging tips - I too believe staging is essential. I will be looking forward to the rest of your tips!

Stacey said...

Looks great!

duchess said...

It's looking good so far. Can't wait to see more.

The Charm House said...

Stacey, We just put our house up for sale and I am going crazy just cleaning it up from "stuff".... I don't know if I am ever going to get to the staging part! LOL Oh my goodness! I need a garage sale and my neighborhood doesn't allow them but once a year on a certain day. That's why we are leaving, we were never cut-out for a neighborhood, always acreage!!! Farm life here we come back!! I hope!

Sandy Toes said...

That is perfect timing...Nester had some great ideas!!! I hope your move goes well and I love that warm pink robe..perfect.
sandy toe

Our Complete Family said...

I hope you sell quickly! All the projects you're doing to stage are great! Wish I could have you as a neighbor to help me with mine when we get our next military reassignment hun!
Happy snow day to you~ Les

Imperfect said...

I can't believe snow fell (and stuck to the ground) in NC in March! We got several inches here. But let me tell you -- I am really, really ready for spring weather! Hope all goes well with your move!

Darlene said...

oooooooh. you reminded/inspired me to pull out some fake granny smith apples I have in a moving box still... forgot about those.
Love the Robe, girl!!
OH, and I vote for a vase filled with a huge, tall bouquet of forced forsythia. Glorious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey,
Where is home for you guys? Also, you will do a great job staging. Someday I hope to make that my career, staging homes.


SoBella Creations said...

Where is home for you? Good luck with the sale of your home.

southerninspiration said...

Well, forsythia would add another punch of yellow that you are adding downstairs.....or a yellow orchid. It all looks fabulous; I'm sure it will sell quickly!


Sherri S said...

We had a snow day yesterday. At least the roads were clear! Love all that you are doing and can't wait to see more of your ideas. I am decluttering my house after all these years with children. I still have a teen at home and one son flew the nest. Good luck on selling quickly!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I vote for the giant moss sphere. Love those!

tardevil said...

It looks good so far. We've had a snow day also. Hope you got more done than I did.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Useful hints! We are going to be putting our house on the market very soon too!

I am having a great giveaway. Would love for you to participate! Check out my blog for details!


Envoy-ette said...

OH, I'm not looking forward to getting our house ready to sell either if Hubby's assignment comes through! He bought a pool table which means I have to let go of 2,000 pounds of MY STUFF!

Melissa Lester said...

We actually had a snow day -- or snow morning anyway -- in Alabama Sunday. I did not get so much accomplished, though! You definitely don't take it slow even when you are still in your comfy robe. Great work, though!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

You've been a busy lady! It's looking great!

Heather said...

Looks like you have been busy! Congrats on getting to move back home, I hope that is me one day writing that post! It looks great all the things you did!

Brenda said...

I LOVE that you are doing this! The timing is absolutely perfect!

I want to get started staging my home in case my husband gets transferred. If they decide to relocate him, he'll be gone 2 weeks after the notification, so I need to get him busy now!

You got so much done already and it all looks wonderful. I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling your house.

Question: Where's the proper place to store the boxes you've packed when you're staging?

Shannon said...

I love a snow day and love puttering around the house on those days too! Everything looks great!!

Karol said...

Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the laundry room.

Karol :0)

Momovthree said...

Congrats on the decision to sell! It's exciting and a lot of work at the same time. We have moved so many times I say we are pros at it now. Your changes look great. I love those lemons and apples. I have the same in my dining room and love the color it brings.

Good luck with all the staging, I'm sure it will look great.

Cottage Elements said...

Hi, Stacey! Love your snowy pictures. It looks gorgeous! Best wishes on the sale of your home. I decluttered my home before we sold it and it sold in a day! Granted, that was in 2006, but I do believe it helps. Looking forward to all your pictures. Where are you moving to? Very far? Take care!

Lanette @ Cottage Elements

queenbee said...

I am looking forward to seeing how you "stage your house" as well as seeing what your new home will look like. Thanks for sharing

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i wish my pantry looked like that!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

We never get snow days here :) Love your robe, I love those mornings/afternoons where I get to stay in mine!

Bev said...

Stacey this has been a real treat for me visiting for the first time, and am sure it won't be the last. It's always good to go back HOME...Blessings dear,

maryanne420 said...

your house will sell fast! you have such a lovely home.

Anne Marie said...

did you know that the Latin word for Feb. means "to clean"??

thought you would find that interesting....


Please come enter at Project Create a Home for the free giveaway!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

WOW! I'd snap it up in a second!

m ^..^

Amber B. said...

The staging looks great! I need to use that as inspiration and clean out my pantry.. :-)

Stacey said...

Hi Stacey. Today is March 18 and I just realized you haven't posted in awhile. I know you are getting ready to move. Hope things are going well! Happy Spring

Suzanne and Robin (from right to left) said...

so cute, you have a great eye.