Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Feel like Snow White

Today I'm feeling a bit like Snow White. And it's not because I'm talking to deer or holding whistling birdies on my finger! hehe I'm just feeling a bit out of my element today--not quite myself. There are little ones running around, and I'm seriously thinking of changing one (both?) of their names to "Grumpy"!

I've got to sweep and dust and make the beds and clean the messes these little ones are constantly making!
She's not an evil stepmother ;), but my mother & father-in-law as well as bro&sis-in-law + baby nephew are all coming in 2 days to stay with us for the long Labor Day weekend! (That should be fun, though!)

Here's MY messy space to clean. Do you have a "catch-all" space, too? My dining room table looks like the 7 Dwarfs kitchen did--a mess! My projects seem to accumulate there! Time to get it lookin' all pretty for large family meals!

Got to hang things (like this cute pale robin's egg blue ceiling tin shelf going in the powder room!) and get the port-a-crib set up and grocery shop...whew! Where are some talking chipmunks and dish cleaning birds when you need them?! hehe :)

(Aren't these little Sleeping Beauties?! I found them sleeping like this when we were at my parent's house last week! )

The Magic Mirror on the Wall would NOT count me as the fairest of all today, though! :) No sense getting all dolled up before cleaning! I would much rather take a looong nap only to be awakened by my Prince!
Well, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho it's off to work I go!
Blessings :),


Melissa Lester said...

You look a lot like Giselle from one of our favorite movies around here, "Enchanted." So maybe you can do a little song to call nearby woodland animals to come in and clean your home for you. Wouldn't that be nice!

Thank you for visiting my blog today. It's so nice to meet you and your sleeping beauties!

Joy said...

Oh what beautiful sleeping babies!
I love the tin shelf. It's so pretty in that pale blue.
It took me a while to find those crows. I kept calling the stores all around. The one closest to me still doesn't have them out yet. Another store manager told me that they had theirs in the back and were waiting to get rid of more summer stuff before they pulled them out. Soooo, you might still be able to find some cut feathered friends yet.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I visit yours all the time! :) Love the projects you posted on the JunkMarket site!

Sometimes my whole house looks like your dining room table! The garage, too!

I saw on your profile that you are a Pride and Prejudice, Love Comes Softy series, and Anne of Green Gables fan. Love all of them! Throw in some Sound of Music and Little House on the Prairie and I'm set a for weekend movie/book marathon! I have almost all of Janette Oke's books...I have been collecting them since I was about 13 (where has the time gone?).

It's so nice to meet you!

Nancy said...

Hi Stacey, Your girls look beautiful...what a grea picture! Enjoy preparing for company...I love to do that...I know most people don't, but they will know you've been busy and they will appreciated it. Blessings, Nancy

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Oohhh yes I have a catch craft room is horrible. It is quite embarrassing. I love the blue tin shelf....soooo pretty. cherry

Blissful Nikki said...

I agree, you do look like Giselle! Do the "Happy working" song! :) hehe

Angie said...

Hey Stacey!

My dining room table looks like that alot, too! It's the best table to craft at! Love that little shelf..and what sweet little sleeping beauties!


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Having company is always a great reason to get that blessed nest all ready, isn't it? If it makes you feel any better, I posted a picture of my dining room table a few days ago....girl, I will trade with you in a heartbeat. :)
Precious babies...they get so big, don't they?