Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

Hi, everyone! I'm writing from my parent's place in Indiana--where I grew up! The pic above is taken at the edge of my parent's property, the farmland beyond isn't ours, but the view has always been one of my favorites. There is a little clearing through the trees, and as a girl I would sit in my bedroom and look out the window and daydream about that clearing and the adventures I would have in there!
Below are some great finds from going to the local thrift store today!

I spent all of $21, and got the mirror, glass & silver charger for a pitcher of lemonade or something ( I have matching drink coasters at home ), and -- more glass snack/luncheon sets from the 50's-60's!!! I have posted before about my collection of these, and I hadn't seen this flower pattern before. They were priced at $2.99, and were on sale for only--get this--75 cents each!!! I couldn't believe how inexpensive these were, and went ahead and got the whole set of 20 plates & cups!! I figured whatever I decided I didn't want, I'd sell for a nice little profit!

Here's a close up of the plate & cup. It looks like 2 flowers stuck together! Isn't it cute?!
Have a good one, and I'll visit with you again soon!
Stacey :)


Vanessa said...

OMG! I ~adore~ that flower plate and cup. I so covet those! Great finds! :)

Shannon said...

Of course I love your snack plate! I haven't seen that pattern either. I did see one they called "shell" that as pretty. I didn't get it though...they were asking $20 for a set of 4! You got a steal!!

Stacey said...

What great finds! Your childhood home is lovely- Have a wonderful time on your visit!
When you get back, I'd love to make plans to get together for lunch or something if that would work for you? I'd like to meet and get to know each other:)

Joy said...

Oooooo lots of glass pretties!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

WOW!! I just found one set at our Good will today and bought it. I first heard about these at another blog who posted and gave you the credit. Mine wasn't nearly as cute as yours and at .75? Unbelievable. yes, I am a good way. I am totally going to be looking for these now. :)

Tina said...

That snack set is adorable. I have a collection of those and haven't seen that pattern before either. What a great find.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great finds!! I just love the shape of the mirror, can't wait to see what you do with it!

Nancy said...

More great finds!!! I love that little lunch make me want to collect those...and I have no place for them, but they are sooo pretty...I could just see my 2sons eating out of those dainty Nancy

Becki said...

Love the snack plates! I have a couple that were given to me by my husband's grandmother. One has a blue flower pattern and the other has pheasants. Really sweet, not to mention useful!