Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Chair Changeout & A Big Thank You!

Welcome to the "sitting area" of my master bedroom! We have been so blessed in this house to have a bedroom that allowed for a sitting area, and also blessed because it was nearly FREE to pull together!! :)

We have a Nantucket B&B feel to our bedroom, and I really wanted a chaise for this area. But the budget wouldn't allow for any new furniture (nor window treatments for our 5 windows in here!), so I got creative by using what I already had!!

I used a FREE wing chair paired with a FREE ottoman!

The wing chair we got from Hubby's old company when they were going to throw it out for a newer model, and they offered it to us first!! Yee-haw! :) And the ottoman came free from my sister with the matching free chair and couch that are now slipcovered in my sunroom here.

A couple of white slipcovers on the furniture, and I was good to go! :)

But wait.......those slipcovers don't match, do they?? ;)

Nope!....They work together because they are both white. But the ottoman slipcover matches the sunroom slipcover set (so I can use them all together in another house/another room someday). And the wing chair slipcover is actually our old matelesse bedspread!

I just draped, tucked, and safety pinned it on!

It covers up the old slipcover I had on there! I tried to bleach this tan slipcover white, but it wouldn't work! Just came out extra fresh and clean! :)

Behind Door #3........the ugly old blue of the chair!

See how I just safety pinned the back together? No one goes into that little corner, so there was no need to be perfect about it! :) So what if it doesn't even cover the whole back?!!

Add a pillow I had from HomeGoods, and a cute antique cabinet filled with treasures, starfish, and a picture of us on our honeymoon from years ago, and there you have it!

A Quick Chair Changeout!!!

I'd also like to say a BIG
Thank You!!!

I am so thankful to hear from so many of you that you enjoy my blog! I was also so happy to hear from some first time commenters as well....It's so nice to meet you!! :)

I want you to know that I read each and every comment carefully, and I am very thankful for the feedback! I hear you loud and clear, dear friends! :)

I'm going to watch the colored fonts, I honestly had no idea that it would be hard to read for some of you! Since the colors show up great on my computer I just assumed that everyone could see them easily. But I appreciate the heads up, and I'll try to not use them as much anymore! :) ( it ALL colors that are hard? several of you mentioned the about the blue?? let me know!)

I also heard that you like my posts in general, especially the decorating and project posts. You also like low cost ideas and Creating a Welcoming Home!
I am planning to keep my post topics about the same as now, but I am going to try to keep them less wordy (after today -- LOL!!!) than before, and use more pictures!

Now, don't you worry....The Blessed Nest isn't going "big time" (I am a small town girl after all!) and going to make crazy changes leaving you wondering what happened!! :) I just have been thinking about some small things that could improve the "visits" I get to have with y'all!!!

I just want to say, THANK YOU!! Your comments and opinions mean a lot! :)


Sandy Toes said...

So pretty.
sandy toe

MomE said...

I love're adding to my idea bank for our room...hmmmm...Here's a question or idea for a blog...where do you find these cute antique little shelves, like the one behind your chair here? Did you make it blue...was it that way?? Are these boocoo bucks items?

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Love how you use what you have!
Great idea!!

Dawn said...

Very pretty! I had forgotten about your sunroom. It's such a pretty room!

I also love the blue cabinet behind the chair. Can you tell us more about it?

Stacey said...

Your blog is great! I can't wait to see what you have planned. :)

Your chair is great too.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You are just plain awesome! :) I love today's post. That chair looks so neat and I never would have known it was a bedspread slipcover! Gives me hope for some chairs I am set to "inherit" someday.... :)

kimmcl said...

Stacey, you are truly one of my favorite blogs. Just a sweet soul. I enjoy every one of your posts and it means alot to know that you appreciate that. I feel the same way about my blog. Have a great day! Kim

Katy said...

Looks nice. I love sitting areas.

Little Lovables said...

I love what you did in your little nook!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Your blog is wonderful. Whether you change things or not, you won't be able to get rid of me! I love visiting you.

The chair looks wonderful! Such a great corner for relaxing and reading.

Jen r. said...

It looks great! I love the blue cabinet too!Jen

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Perfect solution! Looks so cozy!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Very pretty! I love white furniture - it just always looks so fresh. I like that you re-used a piece you had (free is always good)!


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Love your chair...I have always wanted a matelasse slipcover!