Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dining Room Pics

As promised, today I'm sharing with you pics of my Dining Room!
It is not "finished", but is a good example of budget decorating!!
Our home has an open floor plan, and this is the view from the central hallway.
To the left is our "library" (what we say for the formal living room--it holds bookcases and piano), and to the right our kitchen.
We would like to paint this room a cafe' color above the chair rail, and do wainscot panelling below (painted the same color as the trim).

I just love this tray ceiling! I'm going to do a super pale champagne leaf/color dry-brush finish in there!

The chandelier was put in by the builders. Maybe someday I'll change it out, but for now it's just fine! That's a lesson you learn when choosing to decorate on a budget! Not everything HAS to be done right away! Make a list of what you NEED to do, and what you WANT to do, then check items off the list as the budget allows!

I added the black chandie shades, and black cord scrunchie cover. I have black accents throughout the house, so this ties in well. Also got the lamps with black shades at Kirklands for $19 apiece!!

The silk drapes were from LinensNThings on sale.

Here's my fall centerpiece! The silver tray on the bottom came from the thrift store! The vintage glass cake stand and candy (?) dish, along with the milk glass candleholders were my hubby's grandparents. His grandmother passed away this July, so these items on display are a nice reminder of such a special lady! I dressed them up for fall with some pinecones from our neighborhood and baby pumpkins. I also added a chocolate and gold sparkly bird that matches the ones on the autumn/winter arrangement on the "buffet".

The lace tablecloth was a gift from my sister when she was studying in Europe in college. I have a cream colored tablecloth under it now, but for the holidays use a red tablecloth under. You can see the color through the lacy cut-outs on top!

These candle sconces used to hold oil lamps in the Victorian era! They were only $16 at the flea market!! How did I learn about these? Saw them in a magazine, and clipped the pic for my inspiration/decorating files!! Had this in my file for several years before I found them this summer!!
I personally would rather wait to find what I'm looking for and live with a bare wall for a while, than fill it up with something I don't really like just to have something "there". This is just wasteful of your money! Have patience! :)

I bought this china cabinet 10 years ago when we lived in Texas. I got it from friends of ours that were moving and didn't want to take it with them, so I got it pretty inexpensively! The wood matches the tone of our dining set fairly well, and it holds a LOT!

I'd eventually like a antique piece, or hutch, but is this a priority? No! It works well, and is paid for, so for now it stays!!

Here's some of our formal china, which we use several times throughout the year! We really do use our china and silver and this dining room often. When we have family over or entertain, it's in here! Why not?! :) I figure if something gets broken, so what? It's just a plate, right?! Creating memories with family and friends is more important than a broken plate. Enjoy the things you've been blessed with!!!

Also in here are some family items. Carnival glass dishes from my Grammy. A special blue bottle from my Grandpop's collection. Teacups from hubby's Grandmothers, and a silver baby cup from his great-great Uncle!

Our "buffet" is actually a 1920's dresser with original finish! I got it several years ago at a flea market. It was our entry table at our old home, but didn't fit in the entry space here. It got new life as a dining room buffet, and now holds our table linens!! Gotta love pieces that are versatile! :)

This rug was FREE from my sister! It's nothing great, just something to hold us over until we can afford to get a new rug, but it'll do! :) New rug = expensive. This rug = FREE. I'll take it!
We received our dining table and chairs when we were newlyweds 11 years ago! It belonged to Hubby's grand (or great grand) parents! It is very old, and very beautiful! It's also getting a little wobbly and the seat bottoms are cracking, but we'll never get rid of it!!
I've recovered the seats on here several times. This is left over from about 8 years ago when I went through a French Country phase. Guess what I used for the fabric? Sheets! hehe :)
This will get changed out for a cream slipcover-skirt!

My antique brown transferware collection! I'm collecting this a piece at a time. Waiting for one special plate to go at the top!

Lessons here: Decorate over time. Make a list of Needs and Wants. Take freebies gladly. Use what you have. Add items with special meaning. Buy on sale. Mix new and old pieces. Wait patiently. Enjoy your blessings!

What "lesson" are you taking away with you today?! :)


Sandy Toes said...

Okay..where do we begin here?? I love the brown dishes on the wall! They are wonderful and great arrangement!

Your table looks beautiful!!! I love the centerpiece...very fallish and fun!

Just a great room!

-Sandy Toes
p.s. tomorrow I mention you in my posting :)

ROXY said...

Love the tray ceiling! It adds so much drama to the room! thanks for sharing;)

Betsy said...

Love the arrangement! How did you do that?

Betsy said...

Love the arrangement! How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

Your room looks great! The lesson I am taking away is to decorate over time. This is so hard for me because I want my house to look the way I want it to now. I know one day it will all come together though. Thanks for the great ideas.

Heather said...

We also have a dresser in our dining room we are using as a buffet that came from my great great grandparents. I love finding different uses for things.

Busy Bee said...

I love your centerpiece on your dining room table. Your chandelier is beautiful, and I love the dresser/buffet. Very elegant. Thanks for sharing your wonderful room. I'm glad I stopped by.

Emily said...

Your dining room is beautiful! I love the ceiling.

My Place of Peace said...

Love the centerpiece...just might have to copy ya there! :) You know what they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"!

Jenny S said...

Hey! Love the transferware!! It is beautiful! Just an FYI. The wainscotting in our house is actually just molding put right onto the wall instead of paneling. Super cheap and you could never tell by looking!

Shannon said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love your transferware and that "buffet" is BEAUTIFUL!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that "buffet" that used to be in your entryway. Such a pretty piece!

Tina said...

These are all such great lessons and I really like your centerpiece for both your table and the one between those lovely lamps.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

The lesson that I am taking away is that it is better to look at a blank wall than fill it with something that isn't truly your vision. My hubby and I are making over our home one room at a time and it's sometimes hard to live with those blank walls. I want to fill them and put our home together. But as we are newlyweds and this is our first home and we are one a fixed budget - I'm learning that it is better to wait then spend money on something I don't love. Thank you for this wonderful post. I truly will be taking so much from it. -Mandi

Jill said...

You could always paint and distress your china cabinet to make it look old - even adding beadboard to the back instead of the mirror, also changing out the hardware. The possibilities are endless! You and many other bloggers have inspired me to start my own blog, I feel like I have found my "peeps" - woman who love to create comfortable and beautiful homes for their families, who go to sleep thinking of what project to tackle next, devouring every shelter magazine and driving (or flying) for hours to hit a great flea market (hey I was at the Junk Market too!). I look forward to sharing our "cottage" with all of you when my blog, "forever*cottage" goes public! All of this is a bit intimidating to me but I (think) I am ready to dive in! Wish me luck!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

To tired from a long day to "think" about my lesson, but just wanted to leave you comment love and let you know I am Loving these posts. :)

JuJu and Family said...

everything looks beautiful of course. I'd like to make it to an antique shop soon or a thrift store to find plates for my walls. Love the pictures.

Amy from Texas said...

Beautiful room. Thanks for sharing!!

Blue Castle said...

I really like your chandelier. It looks so nice in there, and you tied in your candlestick lamps so well with matching shades.

The candleholders are really great too!

Laura said...

Thanks so much the reminder that we should be grateful for what we have, whether it's a freebie that wasn't "exactly what I was looking for" or something old we need to look at in another light. There are ways to make everything special.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Everything looks so pretty. I love it!

Astrid said...

Oh my...I'm completely jealous of your dining room! It's gorgeous! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own brown transferware. I keep meaning to start collecting it but I always seem to find better uses for my $$. :(

Liz said...

I LOVE the buffet positioned in front of the window with matching lamps... that's just perfect. Someday I'm going to have a dining area big enough for a buffet. Until then, I'll just keep shoving buffets in other rooms. :)