Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creating a Welcoming Home - #2

Hello, dear Readers! It's Thursday, so here are a few more tips for creating a Welcoming Home!

  • Ask your family what things would make them feel cared for and "welcomed". Does your husband like to have pressed shirts for work? Or clutter straightened/toys off the floor when he comes home? Do your kids like to see their artwork on display (lets even the youngest members of your family feel special)? How about letting them help make choices in decor of personal spaces. Everyone in the family should have a say in what, to them, would make home a wonderful place to be.

  • Use colors and patterns in your decorating that you & your family love. If possible, don't keep decorating around something that you really don't like. It's not only costly, but can have your family feeling uncomfortable in your own home!

  • Furniture doesn't have to be expensive or great to have a welcoming decor. Just needs to be arranged with loving care. Do you have comfortable seating? A quilt or afghan to cuddle under? A table to put a drink on, or feet up? A lamp to cast a pleasing glow? Then you're already creating a welcoming place to be!

  • Put out "seasonal" photos. It'll give your rooms a change of pace, and will have everyone remembering wonderful times together!

Talk with your family over dinner about some ways to make your home a more welcoming place to be for them and for others. You'll probably be surprised at how simple the solutions can be! Next Thursday I'll go over some welcoming tips using the 5 senses. :)

Blessings to You,


PS--I received an e-mail last night from a reader regarding a sick young girl named Caty. You can read about the story here: They are asking everyone for prayers and letters of encouragement for Caty. If you feel led to send a cheerful note:

Cheers for Caty

2935 Thousand Oaks #6-220

San Antonio, TX 78247

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