Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry & Hall

Here are a few pics from my entryway and downstairs hall. The table above is in my "entry". Talk about a tricky place to decorate! This house (our 3rd) has the entry/living room (we call it the library...books and music) combo. The vintage chest that we'd used in our previous house was too wide. :( The builders put the lightswitch plate in the center of that wall space. What's a girl to do? A trip to a local antique shop and a flea sale proved that where there's a will (and great vintage finds!) there's a way!

It was definitely unique looking, and I filled it with treasures. Architectural & natural elements, silver, & my baby shoes, silver cup and baby brush. The top holds candles in thrift store found glass holders, and a brown transferware vase that's holding pheasant feathers from my hunting trip with dad! I found the mirror above at a flea sale -- perfect size and shape for above the switch plate. For Christmas it was decorated with my Santa collection and vintage ornaments and "snow", and fresh holly from outside was in the vase.
The books are part of a fun collection I started. I am searching for books with titles that reflect our family! I put a pink copy of "The Luckiest Girl" in my kids' room!
The above vignette is one of my favorites! It's silhouettes of my 2 girls done several years ago, and in the center is a gift one of my dear friends gave me...a "sisters" flashcard from 1927! She backed it with soft black velvety fabric and put it in a vintage looking frame. I love it!

I found this frame at the flea market, and originally thought I'd paint it. But when I got it home, it looked perfect with the bronze-brown of some metal scroll-y things hanging in the hall too, so I left the frame as is...for now! I can't decide what to put in it. A mocha colored mat with 4x6 picture (oval shaped), OR a little clip just stuck on the wall to change recent pictures? Leave me a comment and tell me what you would do? :)

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Monkey's Momma said...

I like to decorate with old books too!