Monday, July 21, 2008

Shoe-Stretcher "Mushrooms"

The first time I saw these pastel shoe-stretchers, I immediately thought "mushrooms"! I can't explain the crazy way my brain works... I was always the kid caught daydreaming in class... looking at clouds to see what they reminded me of.. doesn't everyone do this (lol)? It sure makes for great T2T ideas!

Anyway, I thought of polka-dotted mushrooms sweetly nestled in my garden flowers...houseplants...children's garden (still a work in progress--I seem to have all of the fun junk, and no garden bed!). Since it's a stifling 98 degrees here, this is the simple project I decided to share with you all today!

Step 1: First things first, you'll need to use your handy-dandy bolt cutter (if you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend that you get one--I've used mine lots!) to cut the little "ball" on the end off. I had to squeeze hard and wiggle the metal till it snapped apart.

Step 2: Get a paint pen (or colorful selection--though I found I preferred the white best), and draw on your little polka-dots! No need to be perfect. You could also write on the "stem" the name of herbs, plants, etc. If you are so inclined (I was HOT, and thus not inclined, lol, but imagined how cool it would be in my head instead), you could add a cute tag at the top of the "stem" and put it in a small plant/garden cutting as a gift!

Step 3: Place cute "Mushrooms" around your plants. Too much fun!!!

Have lots of fun today,


ps--have you thought of your 3 thankful things yet? I have! :)
pps--walmart is now carrying martha stewart craft items! so pretty. AND my junkmail newsletter arrived today from american junk club. whoo-hoo!



Hi Stacey! Those shoe-stretcher mushrooms are really cute! Thanks for putting a link on your blog. Maggie

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well how cute and clever is that?

Welcome to blogging!


Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

You have received a Brilliant Blog Award!!! Check it out at: Conratulations!

Debi said...

Hello Stacey,

I see I am not the only one to love your blog...I also gave you an award!! Love the good work, keep it up!! :D Check it out!!

Robolady said...

Love this idea, could I use it on my web site as an easy project of the week? LMK with an email.


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Monkey's Momma said...

That is a super cute idea! You are one creative gal.

cindee said...

Hi Stacy, I am surfing blogs today and came from roboladys blog. Just love your mushrooms!! Great idea!!!!

Ginger said...

I love these very cute i have to keep my eyes open to get some love .
What a great idea thank you so much for posting also putting you on my blog .
hugs ginger