Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Stacey, and I'm Addicted to Accessories

Remember my cute puppy Sadie that I introduced you all to the other day? Well, at 6:12am...not quite so cute anymore. She has been waking up earlier lately to GO, and I can't seem to get back to sleep. My mind starts swirling with projects and to do lists and call this person and you really's maddening. Hence the reason for this post being written in the wee hours of the morning light. *sigh* Here's what's in the noggin now:

I am completely addicted to buying stuff for our home. Not just any stuff, mind you, but accessories kinda stuff. "Smalls" I think they call it. Little things, inexpensive things, to cozy up a home. Doesn't sound all that bad in theory, but in this household it's taking over. I don't mean to say that I have hundreds of knick-knacks (tried to spell tchochkes but think it's wrong?) on every surface. Just what I think is the "right" amount for where I want to put things. The rest are in their own little storage area! My attempt to contain the leftovers...the stuff that you still really, really like and don't want to get rid of 'cause you might change your mind one day, or change out accessories for a room, or decorate for the holidays, or I'm not sure what to do with that or where it will go but I really like it kind of stuff. "That's so cool!", you say in your head? Yes and no. It would be cool if I could contain everything in that one spot, but there's just too much. Too much stuff. And it's taking over. Time for drastic measures.

How does one become addicted to the littles? I credit it to not having much extra money for so many years. The first 9 1/2 yrs of our marriage we only bought 3 major pieces of furniture. Our mattress, and 2 couches. The rest was hand-me-downs from parents, grandparents, and even some stuff my mom got when SHE was young and single, hand-me-downs also from her cousin's divorce sale! Yup, I have divorce leftovers, twice removed. So, the only thing for several years that we could spend leftover money on (which didn't add up to much) was the little accessory stuff. Picture frames, pretty little things, tabletop/surface decorating. It fed my need to shop at the flea market, or just about any place, for a while, and really was my wayof trying to make my house a home.

Since moving to NC not quite 2 yrs ago into a lower cost of living, and a less expensive (though newer & larger-go figure) home, we have the extra bit of moulah to actually get furniture. Now my home doesn't look so empty as it did before. Now the littler stuff is suffocating me! I really must have a garage sale or something! ANYthing, as long as I don't have the extra pile of STUFF in my bedroom and garage...attic...oh, and the kids closet! I must make the room. No more shopping for this girl! No, sirree! At least until I GO TO THE JUNK BONANZA in 6 more weeks, baby!! Whoo-hoo! Then all bets are off. :)




Cheryl said...

Hi Stacey,
Love your site! I too seem to catch all those little things for our house. Love them! Love your dog. You have great ideas and love that scale in the bathroom. I have been looking for one of those. Just something else to add:)

Gretchen said...


I have exactly the same problem. Too many "littles" and now they are "bigs".

Your house is adorable and so is your little dog.


Angie said...

hi Stacey,

thought i would come back and visit ya again after finding your blog through the favorite things tour! i admit..i am the same way. i hoard little things in my cabinets! whew..i feel better! i am drawn..ok..i run straight to..the clearance shelves everywhere we go..and i pick up stuff i do not have room for nor a need for. i justify this by telling everyone what i paid and how could i leave it there at that price. hehe. sigh....maybe i should help you with that garage


Blissful Nikki said...

I too am a member of "The chotchkies club"...little knick nacks and accessories galore! Oh well, at least I will never be without! lol

Shira Abel Shvo said...

You can spell it tchochkes or tchotchkes - both are correct because they are a transliteration from Yiddish. I found your blog because I have a blog about home design called - and my google alerts brought me to you.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,


For the Love of Cottage said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Oh I so feel your pain...LOL. I was addicted to stuff too but the LORD has set me free and given me new direction ...woohoo!!! I was a weekly shopper at TJ Maxx, Target, oh and lets not forget weekly garage sales and estate sales just buying STUFF I didn't need. It was starting to close me in so I had to do something. But maybe that's what makes you happy and if so, then be it. Don't be too hard on yourself.f You'll find a balance.