Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping at SuzAnna's Antiques

I was in need of a shopping trip today, so I went to local SuzAnna's Antiques for some fun & inspiration. I hope these pics inspire you, too!

To the left are my treasures from today! Yippee! I got 3 vintage Dick & Jane page pictures for the kids' playroom, chippy white corbel, pie plates, "An Old-Fashioned Girl" book by Louisa May Alcott from the 1920's for my book collection, and a bird w/nest print. Lucky duck me!

SuzAnna's is half outside & half inside. It changes constantly, and I always find a new treasure!

Fun finds as far as the eye can see!

Great displays from the vendors! Isn't this mannequin fantastic?

Yup, that's me...Hip Junk Girl! (I wish!!) :-DLinda ringing up my goodies...she is always so helpful and fun to share ideas with!
SuzAnna's, and on the right is Country Porch Antiques & Garden, also wonderful! Gotten some fun finds there as well.

If you are passing through the Raleigh, NC area I would definitely recommend stopping at SuzAnna's and Country Porch. All kinds of items from shabby to cottage to kitsch to junk (good "junk" of course!). Just so ya know, I don't have any affiliation with them, I just like to pass on a good thing.
Happy Hunting Y'all!
ps--are you still doing your 3 things you're thankful for? don't give up!


Robolady said...

I definitely want to shop there.

oliveoyl64 said...

I found you through Margo and I loooove your stuff.

I am trying to rub the vintagey look off on my sis and the vintage framed flash card is giving me ideas for Christmas.

I bought a newer version of Dick and Jane, but it could be vintaged up to look old. HMMM, more ideas.

I have a huge frame similar to yours and I did paint it white. I like the idea of just a simple clip to hang pics on.

thanks for the inspiration.

My blog is sadly neglected, so don't expect much if you visit.

Monkey's Momma said...

That looks look MY kind of place to shop. As a matter of fact, although we live in Missouri, my husband is from North Carolina, and his family lives about an hour from Raleigh. I may have to check it out next time we visit.

Angela said...

I found your blog from the Nester's site, and I'm enjoying it! I would LOVE to have a day to spend at SuzAnna's! I could sure do some damage to the bank account there!

Shannon said...

Ok, this looks like the BEST store!!