Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pay It Forward

I just found out about this happy little giveaway game from Cheryl at:
It's called "Pay It Forward", you know where you do something nice for someone in the hopes that they'll do something nice for someone else. This is how it works. I am going to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on this post!!! Then those 3 gals promise to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on their posts, and so on and so on. The something can be anything you made, bought, found, or were given. Something you would like to receive. If you want to join in the fun, PLEASE leave a comment and then post about the giveaway on your blog to "Pay It Forward"!
Who wants to play?!!

This is not part of the game, but because I'm feeling generous, & in order to get as many of you readers as possible to leave a little hello post to me, I am going to do a drawing for another giveaway! I will draw a name from post #4-#?? to give a goodie to as well! You have until Midnight Saturday night to post and be eligible for the extra giveaway!!!


Creating a Welcoming Home - #2

Hello, dear Readers! It's Thursday, so here are a few more tips for creating a Welcoming Home!

  • Ask your family what things would make them feel cared for and "welcomed". Does your husband like to have pressed shirts for work? Or clutter straightened/toys off the floor when he comes home? Do your kids like to see their artwork on display (lets even the youngest members of your family feel special)? How about letting them help make choices in decor of personal spaces. Everyone in the family should have a say in what, to them, would make home a wonderful place to be.

  • Use colors and patterns in your decorating that you & your family love. If possible, don't keep decorating around something that you really don't like. It's not only costly, but can have your family feeling uncomfortable in your own home!

  • Furniture doesn't have to be expensive or great to have a welcoming decor. Just needs to be arranged with loving care. Do you have comfortable seating? A quilt or afghan to cuddle under? A table to put a drink on, or feet up? A lamp to cast a pleasing glow? Then you're already creating a welcoming place to be!

  • Put out "seasonal" photos. It'll give your rooms a change of pace, and will have everyone remembering wonderful times together!

Talk with your family over dinner about some ways to make your home a more welcoming place to be for them and for others. You'll probably be surprised at how simple the solutions can be! Next Thursday I'll go over some welcoming tips using the 5 senses. :)

Blessings to You,


PS--I received an e-mail last night from a reader regarding a sick young girl named Caty. You can read about the story here: They are asking everyone for prayers and letters of encouragement for Caty. If you feel led to send a cheerful note:

Cheers for Caty

2935 Thousand Oaks #6-220

San Antonio, TX 78247

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Stacey, and I'm Addicted to Accessories

Remember my cute puppy Sadie that I introduced you all to the other day? Well, at 6:12am...not quite so cute anymore. She has been waking up earlier lately to GO, and I can't seem to get back to sleep. My mind starts swirling with projects and to do lists and call this person and you really's maddening. Hence the reason for this post being written in the wee hours of the morning light. *sigh* Here's what's in the noggin now:

I am completely addicted to buying stuff for our home. Not just any stuff, mind you, but accessories kinda stuff. "Smalls" I think they call it. Little things, inexpensive things, to cozy up a home. Doesn't sound all that bad in theory, but in this household it's taking over. I don't mean to say that I have hundreds of knick-knacks (tried to spell tchochkes but think it's wrong?) on every surface. Just what I think is the "right" amount for where I want to put things. The rest are in their own little storage area! My attempt to contain the leftovers...the stuff that you still really, really like and don't want to get rid of 'cause you might change your mind one day, or change out accessories for a room, or decorate for the holidays, or I'm not sure what to do with that or where it will go but I really like it kind of stuff. "That's so cool!", you say in your head? Yes and no. It would be cool if I could contain everything in that one spot, but there's just too much. Too much stuff. And it's taking over. Time for drastic measures.

How does one become addicted to the littles? I credit it to not having much extra money for so many years. The first 9 1/2 yrs of our marriage we only bought 3 major pieces of furniture. Our mattress, and 2 couches. The rest was hand-me-downs from parents, grandparents, and even some stuff my mom got when SHE was young and single, hand-me-downs also from her cousin's divorce sale! Yup, I have divorce leftovers, twice removed. So, the only thing for several years that we could spend leftover money on (which didn't add up to much) was the little accessory stuff. Picture frames, pretty little things, tabletop/surface decorating. It fed my need to shop at the flea market, or just about any place, for a while, and really was my wayof trying to make my house a home.

Since moving to NC not quite 2 yrs ago into a lower cost of living, and a less expensive (though newer & larger-go figure) home, we have the extra bit of moulah to actually get furniture. Now my home doesn't look so empty as it did before. Now the littler stuff is suffocating me! I really must have a garage sale or something! ANYthing, as long as I don't have the extra pile of STUFF in my bedroom and garage...attic...oh, and the kids closet! I must make the room. No more shopping for this girl! No, sirree! At least until I GO TO THE JUNK BONANZA in 6 more weeks, baby!! Whoo-hoo! Then all bets are off. :)



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vintage Scale Ideas

You can use vintage scales in so many different ways!

Here, my rabbit Mrs. Fern Cottontail (yes, I've named her!) is watching over the scale as it's being used to hold remote controls and a jar of black-eyed susans cut from the garden.

Another idea is to put it by the door to catch keys and mail!

I love this photo/idea! The scale is by the bathtub, holding a towel, fragrant soaps, and seashells!

And this is what I usually use it for! In the kitchen next to the sink, holding scale weights and paper towels! I've used it this way for several years, and just love the vintage touch it gives my kitchen! It also goes well in the kitchen with my other old scales. But maybe it's time for a change?! I'm really lovin' the bath idea!

Other ideas for using vintage scales (of any size) are:

  • chips on one side, bowl of dip on the other
  • put a pretty plate on top to catch jewelry
  • hold a few favorite books
  • use when entertaining to hold plates, & jar w/ silverware
  • present a delicious dessert on top (use like a cake stand)
  • drape a lace handkerchief over & place a framed photo on
  • candy dish
  • place few pillar candles on
  • plant holder

see what else you can come up with!!!

Leave a comment to let me know what YOU do with vintage scales!



Monday, July 28, 2008

My Puppy & Garden Pics

This little block reminds me of my own puppy, Sadie! She is a Yorkie, but doesn't seem like it at all! She was only supposed to be 6 lbs, but she weighs 13-14 lbs! She is also very golden-honey colored. Hmm... :)!! Here's our cutie in her doggie playpen she stays in when we leave the house.

And here are a few pics of the garden taken last month. I'm not feeling much more motivated than that youngest daughter is sick with croup, and I'm exhausted! Hope you enjoy these!

I'd also like to say THANK YOU to everyone for the kind posts you left this weekend! They really made me smile! I really do think of all of you posters and readers as wonderful friends "visiting" with me! It was so much fun to do Cindy's "My Favorite Thing" weekend over at My Romantic Home! If you haven't checked it out, you should! The link is over in my blogs i like section.
Also, THANK YOU to Margo at for featuring my "Shoe Stretcher Mushrooms" idea on her online magazine as Quick Project of the Week!!! Margo, otherwise known as Robolady, has a wonderful site with lots of T2T projects, and a link to her blog on there as well.
Hopefully my daughter and I will be doing better tomm.
Blessings to you,
ps--Did anyone do the week of being Thankful every day? Let me know! I am going to personally keep it up!
I have gotten tons of readers during the past week, and I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a little comment, and let me know you were here!
I don't know why my text is smooshing up like this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Funny Instant Ancestor - Charlie

Meet Charlie...the first funny "Instant Ancestor" of mine you'll meet! (For those of you who don't know, an instant ancestor is just an old, cool photo you got somewhere like a flea market, that's no relation to you. You basically rescue these long-forgotten pictures of people for fun, crafts, decorating, feel sorry for them, etc. I got my little collection by choosing who made me smile in a funny way when I saw them. This was my first, and he made me laugh literally out loud. The flea market guy thought I was nuts.)

Charlie is a bit of a rabble-rouser! He likes to round up his friends for a game of poker and smoking cigars. He'll flirt with all the pretty girls, but he's really got his eyes on Clara, a nice & respectable girl who won't give him the time of day. Charlie is good at heart, but always has a mischeivous look in his eye. Oh, that Charlie!

Have a fantastic Saturday, everyone! I know I will--I'm headed off to the flea market!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Favorite Things

How fun is this? I absolutely adore Cindy's blog My Romantic Home. She always has the most beautiful photos and can make a thrift store find look like it cost a fortune! Cindy is hosting an "Our Favorite Things" weekend, and I thought I'd join the party!

I love birds and nests, and have several in my decor. This one, however, is my current favorite! It's in an old birdcage with the door open and greenery and pretties draped in and around the cage. This little birdie has chosen to build her nest outside the birdcage!

If you want to join in the fun this weekend, check out:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creating a Welcoming Home - #1

For today's topic, I'd like to share some comments and tips on Creating a Welcoming Home!

Did you ever visit someone's house where you just felt GOOD when you were there? It's probably because you felt "AT HOME"! I have always really enjoyed decorating and hosting parties. But over the past few years I have had a strong desire to learn more about using these fun things that I like to do as an act of love for others. I am definitely not an expert, but I'm excited to share what I've learned with you!

Why Should We Create a Welcoming Home?

1. God is a God of love, order, peace, beauty and creativity. He created beautiful things for us to enjoy! Since we are created in His image, it's only natural that we would desire our homes to reflect love, order, peace, beauty and creativity as well!

2. The Bible tells us so! Romans 12:13 says: "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." This way of loving others (of being welcoming) is not just an emotion, but it's active love.

3. Not only does it provide beauty and joy for us, it shows love for our family, friends, and neighbors by helping them have an environment where they feel comfortable, they feel special, they feel AT HOME!

How Do We Get Started?

You may be wondering where to begin! First, pray and ask God to help you know how He wants to to serve others in this way. He knows your gifts and abilities and desires, and He knows who needs to feel the special knowledge that someone cares about them! Pray, and let God do His work through you.

Next, check out some of the wonderful books, magazines, & tv shows out there about decorating, menus, get-together ideas, organizing, etc. They can be a great source of inspiration for you as you plan how to make your home a comfortable, warm, welcoming place to be!

You just have to get started! This does NOT have to involve re-decorating the kitchen first, or a gigantic budget, in order to invite a friend for coffee! Someone once mentioned that if we waited until our houses were perfect to invite anyone over, we would NEVER GET to have anyone over :)! Have fun with making your home beautiful for yourself and your loved ones, but please give yourself permission to just "go with the flow"!

This week's tips:

Put a pot of beautiful (and fragrant) flowers by the front door. Hang a wreath, cross, or plaque on the door as a welcoming decoration. Use a little chalkboard to create a personalized greeting for your family and guests! (I had a small chalkboard by my entrance that was placed in a decorative shabby chic white plate holder screwed to the siding by the door. All together it cost under $7. I would change the greeting to reflect seasons, birthdays, or family visits. Everyone loved to read what it said, and it really put a smile on people's faces!)

Also, a cheery entrance area shouldn't be just for guests! Make the family entrance beautiful also. I have a plaque hanging INSIDE my garage, next to the door!

A certain amount of cleanliness is important :)! Take care of the clutter! It's amazing the sense of peace that you have when you aren't surrounded by piles of STUFF! Three tips for clutter control: 1.) When you receive mail, IMMEDIATELY pitch/recycle the junk mail, and put bills, magazines, and invitations where they go. NO messy paper pile on the kitchen counter! 2.)When you leave a room/go up or down the stairs take something with you that doesn't belong there and put it away! 3.) Completely clear off the front of your fridge! I'm talking no magnets, photos, artwork...Nothing! Trust me! Place things on the side of the fridge, but not the front. It will instantly make your kitchen feel cleaner and bigger!

Your decor doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to reflect YOU! It's wonderful to find out more about a person by seeing it reflected in their home! What do you collect? Find a unique way to display it. Any hobbies? If you scrapbook, leave one out on the coffeetable or on a bookshelf opened on a bookstand for others to see.

Nothing is better than giving someone a kind hug! ;-D

Well, that's all for this week! I'll give a few easy tips each Thursday for the next few weeks.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping at SuzAnna's Antiques

I was in need of a shopping trip today, so I went to local SuzAnna's Antiques for some fun & inspiration. I hope these pics inspire you, too!

To the left are my treasures from today! Yippee! I got 3 vintage Dick & Jane page pictures for the kids' playroom, chippy white corbel, pie plates, "An Old-Fashioned Girl" book by Louisa May Alcott from the 1920's for my book collection, and a bird w/nest print. Lucky duck me!

SuzAnna's is half outside & half inside. It changes constantly, and I always find a new treasure!

Fun finds as far as the eye can see!

Great displays from the vendors! Isn't this mannequin fantastic?

Yup, that's me...Hip Junk Girl! (I wish!!) :-DLinda ringing up my goodies...she is always so helpful and fun to share ideas with!
SuzAnna's, and on the right is Country Porch Antiques & Garden, also wonderful! Gotten some fun finds there as well.

If you are passing through the Raleigh, NC area I would definitely recommend stopping at SuzAnna's and Country Porch. All kinds of items from shabby to cottage to kitsch to junk (good "junk" of course!). Just so ya know, I don't have any affiliation with them, I just like to pass on a good thing.
Happy Hunting Y'all!
ps--are you still doing your 3 things you're thankful for? don't give up!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Got An Award-Yay!

I just received my first awards! Thank you to Debi at What's Cook'n In Junk for her sweet nomination and kind words on her blog! :) You made my day !! Also to Cynthia at Rust and Splinters! Check out these ladies' blogs--they are both so talented.

Thank you, thank you!

I'll pass this award along soon! :)


Entry & Hall

Here are a few pics from my entryway and downstairs hall. The table above is in my "entry". Talk about a tricky place to decorate! This house (our 3rd) has the entry/living room (we call it the library...books and music) combo. The vintage chest that we'd used in our previous house was too wide. :( The builders put the lightswitch plate in the center of that wall space. What's a girl to do? A trip to a local antique shop and a flea sale proved that where there's a will (and great vintage finds!) there's a way!

It was definitely unique looking, and I filled it with treasures. Architectural & natural elements, silver, & my baby shoes, silver cup and baby brush. The top holds candles in thrift store found glass holders, and a brown transferware vase that's holding pheasant feathers from my hunting trip with dad! I found the mirror above at a flea sale -- perfect size and shape for above the switch plate. For Christmas it was decorated with my Santa collection and vintage ornaments and "snow", and fresh holly from outside was in the vase.
The books are part of a fun collection I started. I am searching for books with titles that reflect our family! I put a pink copy of "The Luckiest Girl" in my kids' room!
The above vignette is one of my favorites! It's silhouettes of my 2 girls done several years ago, and in the center is a gift one of my dear friends gave me...a "sisters" flashcard from 1927! She backed it with soft black velvety fabric and put it in a vintage looking frame. I love it!

I found this frame at the flea market, and originally thought I'd paint it. But when I got it home, it looked perfect with the bronze-brown of some metal scroll-y things hanging in the hall too, so I left the frame as is...for now! I can't decide what to put in it. A mocha colored mat with 4x6 picture (oval shaped), OR a little clip just stuck on the wall to change recent pictures? Leave me a comment and tell me what you would do? :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shoe-Stretcher "Mushrooms"

The first time I saw these pastel shoe-stretchers, I immediately thought "mushrooms"! I can't explain the crazy way my brain works... I was always the kid caught daydreaming in class... looking at clouds to see what they reminded me of.. doesn't everyone do this (lol)? It sure makes for great T2T ideas!

Anyway, I thought of polka-dotted mushrooms sweetly nestled in my garden flowers...houseplants...children's garden (still a work in progress--I seem to have all of the fun junk, and no garden bed!). Since it's a stifling 98 degrees here, this is the simple project I decided to share with you all today!

Step 1: First things first, you'll need to use your handy-dandy bolt cutter (if you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend that you get one--I've used mine lots!) to cut the little "ball" on the end off. I had to squeeze hard and wiggle the metal till it snapped apart.

Step 2: Get a paint pen (or colorful selection--though I found I preferred the white best), and draw on your little polka-dots! No need to be perfect. You could also write on the "stem" the name of herbs, plants, etc. If you are so inclined (I was HOT, and thus not inclined, lol, but imagined how cool it would be in my head instead), you could add a cute tag at the top of the "stem" and put it in a small plant/garden cutting as a gift!

Step 3: Place cute "Mushrooms" around your plants. Too much fun!!!

Have lots of fun today,


ps--have you thought of your 3 thankful things yet? I have! :)
pps--walmart is now carrying martha stewart craft items! so pretty. AND my junkmail newsletter arrived today from american junk club. whoo-hoo!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

Due to my kids watching Veggie Tales videos as young tots, I've grown to love the phrase "A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart". Try it & you'll see! It's hard to feel too blue when you start to make a mental list of all that you have to be thankful for!

My challenge to you this week: Every day find 3 things to be thankful for. Try to find different things each day. I pray for everyone this week a "Happy Heart"! :)

1 Thes. 5:16-18, "Be joyful always; pray continually; GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
ps-tomm. i'll be doing a junk project!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garden Junk

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and my fam plans on going to the farmer's market for some fruits, veggies, and some of the gorgeous plants offered there. I need to replace a couple of things that didn't make the early summer heat wave, and get some more color in spots of the garden. Maybe lantana...?

In honor of my day to garden, I thought I'd share some pics of my "Garden Junk" in the sunroom. It's my favorite room in the house, actually was the room that sold us on buying this home. It has large windows on 3 sides, and overlooks my entire garden. We love to sit there in the morning and watch the birds, see what is blooming at the moment, and enjoy the morning sun.



Friday, July 18, 2008


Welcome to my new blog, The Blessed Nest! I am excited to soon share with you positive inspiration, lovely photos, and fun ideas for your nest!!

I plan to have posts about: decorating, fun JUNK ;), flea market/garage sale/antiquing escapades, entertaining ideas, gardening, seasonal inspiration, heart inspiration, collecting, recycling/repurposing ideas, & maybe a good recipe or 2 (gluten-free, of course) to boot!

Stick with me as I work out the details of being a first-time blogger, and we'll have a wonderful time "visiting" together!

Looking forward to it,