Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Chair Changeout & A Big Thank You!

Welcome to the "sitting area" of my master bedroom! We have been so blessed in this house to have a bedroom that allowed for a sitting area, and also blessed because it was nearly FREE to pull together!! :)

We have a Nantucket B&B feel to our bedroom, and I really wanted a chaise for this area. But the budget wouldn't allow for any new furniture (nor window treatments for our 5 windows in here!), so I got creative by using what I already had!!

I used a FREE wing chair paired with a FREE ottoman!

The wing chair we got from Hubby's old company when they were going to throw it out for a newer model, and they offered it to us first!! Yee-haw! :) And the ottoman came free from my sister with the matching free chair and couch that are now slipcovered in my sunroom here.

A couple of white slipcovers on the furniture, and I was good to go! :)

But wait.......those slipcovers don't match, do they?? ;)

Nope!....They work together because they are both white. But the ottoman slipcover matches the sunroom slipcover set (so I can use them all together in another house/another room someday). And the wing chair slipcover is actually our old matelesse bedspread!

I just draped, tucked, and safety pinned it on!

It covers up the old slipcover I had on there! I tried to bleach this tan slipcover white, but it wouldn't work! Just came out extra fresh and clean! :)

Behind Door #3........the ugly old blue of the chair!

See how I just safety pinned the back together? No one goes into that little corner, so there was no need to be perfect about it! :) So what if it doesn't even cover the whole back?!!

Add a pillow I had from HomeGoods, and a cute antique cabinet filled with treasures, starfish, and a picture of us on our honeymoon from years ago, and there you have it!

A Quick Chair Changeout!!!

I'd also like to say a BIG
Thank You!!!

I am so thankful to hear from so many of you that you enjoy my blog! I was also so happy to hear from some first time commenters as well....It's so nice to meet you!! :)

I want you to know that I read each and every comment carefully, and I am very thankful for the feedback! I hear you loud and clear, dear friends! :)

I'm going to watch the colored fonts, I honestly had no idea that it would be hard to read for some of you! Since the colors show up great on my computer I just assumed that everyone could see them easily. But I appreciate the heads up, and I'll try to not use them as much anymore! :) ( it ALL colors that are hard? several of you mentioned the about the blue?? let me know!)

I also heard that you like my posts in general, especially the decorating and project posts. You also like low cost ideas and Creating a Welcoming Home!
I am planning to keep my post topics about the same as now, but I am going to try to keep them less wordy (after today -- LOL!!!) than before, and use more pictures!

Now, don't you worry....The Blessed Nest isn't going "big time" (I am a small town girl after all!) and going to make crazy changes leaving you wondering what happened!! :) I just have been thinking about some small things that could improve the "visits" I get to have with y'all!!!

I just want to say, THANK YOU!! Your comments and opinions mean a lot! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Survey

Good morning, dear friends! Today I'd love to hear FROM YOU!!

There are changes blowin' in the wind around here, both for me personally and for The Blessed Nest blog! I hope to be sharing more with you on that soon :), but for now I'd really love to get your opinions about my blog!

Are you a regular reader?

Why do you read/follow The Blessed Nest?

Do my posts inspire or bore?

What post topics are of most interest to you: Decorating, Entertaining/Hospitality, Organizing, Saving Money, Fun Projects, Gardening, Keeping House, Heart Inspiration??

Do you like this blog's layout and design?

What kind of blogs are you interested in?

Are there any changes that you'd like to see at The Blessed Nest?

Are there things I can do to make your visit here more enjoyable?

Are there things that you just love to read about at The Blessed Nest?

Is there anything you want to learn more about that I could share in future posts/series?

{you don't have to answer all of these questions, it's just to help you get thinkin'!!}

I know that many of my readers don't normally leave a comment, but just for today, I would really appreciate it if you did! :) I want to make The Blessed Nest a wonderful, inspirational place for you all to come and visit and this will help me find out what you are thinking! :)

Please leave your comments below, and
Thank You!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

In The Garden...

I thought I'd share some pictures from my weekend, including some of my garden in BLOOM!!!

On Friday, I had one allergy/sinus infection ridden daughter at the doctor's office, and
another who got to make her sissy jealous by relaying tales of the school field day! I guess I'd be jealous too if I had to miss out on games, popsicles, and face painting (see my "kitty kat" above after school!)!!

I spruced up my kitchen by potting some organic herbs from Whole Foods in S&H's line of garden pots from T@rget! I think I may do a whitewash finish on these pots...what do you think?

Mmmmmm....I love to use fresh herbs when cooking! Oregano, Mint, & Rosemary!

I also put some cheery yellow tulips in a vase on the counter! They look so pretty when I'm buzzing like a little bee in the kitchen! :)

{OK, can I just say I can't believe that I took this strawberry picture myself! I love how clean and graphic and fresh it turned out!! :)}

Anyway, by Saturday it was HOT, and I mean HOT outside, but that didn't deter us from going
Strawberry Pickin'!!

Or from going to the Neighborhood Yard Sale!!
Where I got this vintage Relish Tray/Dish from my neighbor 2 doors down! I am so happy to have this, it reminds me of my Hubby's family! Most family meals would have a little dish like this holding pickles on one side of the divider, and olives on the other! :)

I also spent some time in the Garden on Saturday and Sunday!!
I had to spray all of my roses for little munchie bugs :(, and just generally enjoyed seeing everything that is bursting forth from the ground!

Spring has definitely Sprung here!!

Momma and Daddy Eastern Bluebird are seen often flying to and from the bluebird birdhouse! I think there must be a little bluebird family inside :)!

We also spent time sitting on our "patio", watching the children play in the yard! We made the patio by laying out reclaimed bricks I got last summer from a 1920's house they tore down in our town into a rectangle shape, placing weed barrier over the bare dirt, and pea gravel on top. Super cheap, and it sure is great to sit out there in the evening as the kids run around! :)

We can look up and see this....

...The Carolina Blue Sky!! {It really is this blue most all of the time!}

What did you do this weekend?? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You'll "Flip" for This Fun Find!!

My daily "uniform" pretty much consists of a pair of great jeans, a t-shirt or cute top, and...

in warmer weather...


I LOOOOOOVE me a cute pair of flip-flops! They're casual, beachy, cool, and easy!

{Don't you just *heart* the ones I got yesterday?!! I knew I had to tell you all about it!}

If you are like me, and LOOOOVE flip-flops for warm weather,

then RUN to JoAnn's now for their amazing sale, going through Sunday!

Adult and kids flip-flops in the pattern shown above, plus also a cute bright stripe pattern,
AND every solid color known to man as well.....

.....all for just $1.99!!!

You can't beat that, Girls!

I just had to share this "Fun Find" with y'all!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Good morning, dear friends!!

Let's conclude our "Going From a House to a Home" series by looking at some past posts on "Creating a Welcoming Home"! This is a series I have done since starting my blog last summer, and it is my true passion!! It is also a series that I am continuing on, and you can get lots of inspiration from for making your house a HOME!!

Isn't this sign the truth?! Read more about Setting The Tone For Your Home in my post HERE.

Welcome to our Guest Room! :)
Getting ready for overnight guests?? Read some easy tips on Welcoming them to your Home HERE!

Wanna know why it's important to Create A Welcoming Home??
Plus you can learn some easy tips to incorporate into your own home too!
Just click HERE to read!! :)

I'm planning a few smaller and a few bigger changes to The Blessed Nest over the nest {oops...I meant NEXT!} couple of months! I have been thinking a lot about it, and hope that it will make The Blessed Nest even more of an inspiration to y'all! More to come over time!!!

Have a truly Blessed Day!

ps.--- I didn't forget about the Garden Project I promised you! It was just really rainy and gray here the past 2-3 days!! I'll post on this project this week! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Going From A HOUSE to A HOME -- Part 3

Focusing on The Family

In Part 3 of our little "mini-series" on making a HOUSE a HOME, I'd like to share about focusing on your family! This will make your house feel more like HOME for those that you love!!

Ask each member of your family What Makes Them Feel At Home.

You may be surprised at what the answers are! It may be that your kids especially like your hugs and a snack after school to feel at HOME. Or they may like having a kids-only space to play! Your hubby may appreciate "his chair" after a long work day, or enjoy seeing a tidy house. Everyone may agree that they like a cozy, comfortable, cheery feel to feel at HOME. Don't forget to ask yourself what makes you especially feel at home as well! :)

Think about and create "Together Spaces" and "Individual Spaces" in your home.

"Together Spaces" are places in your home where the whole family can interact together. For example, the kitchen table, family room, and backyard are some "Together Spaces". Create an atmosphere in these spaces that encourages warmth, conversation, play, relaxation, and interaction.

At the kitchen table encourage the family to all sit together for meals (at least dinner when schedules allow!), and focus on positive conversation. Set a simple but pretty table, and cook healthy foods!

In the family room make sure there is seating for everyone in your family. Have a basket or shelf to hold games, and have "game nights" together! Read stories to the kids on the couch, or hold a family devotional time. Have "Family Movie Nights" together with piles of pillows and blankets, popcorn and snuggles! Make the family room a comfortable place where you can put your feet up and relax!

In the backyard, have a table for warm-weather eating, and a cozy sitting spot for the adults to relax in while watching kids play. Keep outside play items in a specific spot of your garage or shed, so that kids can get to them easily. Encourage a family game of softball or touch football or frisbee! Roast marshmallows and take pictures of everyone's messy faces! Keep this area of your home tidy and furniture wiped down as necessary so that it can be enjoyed at a moment's notice.

"Individual Spaces" are the places in your home that each member can have some needed "alone time". This is important, too! Cultivate places that encourage rest, quiet, creativity, relaxation, and individual personality.

{a little corner of my girls' room!}

Make your bedrooms (especially the master bedroom) a little retreat. Keep the beds made (teach children to make their own beds before they come down for breakfast), and keep TV's, toys, computers, etc from cluttering up these places for rest and rejuvination! Let individual personalities have a say in how their spaces are decorated, so they will feel more at HOME there.

If you have a desk or office space, make it a place you enjoy being by having a few pretty items about, photos of those you love, and fun desk storage/accessories! Kids really like having a space to call their own, especially for play time. Even a little chair and bookcase in their room with cherished toys and books will give them a quiet place to play and make them feel special!

Make a favorite chair your "reading spot" by placing a basket on the floor next to the chair with favorite magazines and books, reading glasses, a devotional, and a pen and journal for quiet thoughts. Have tea or morning coffee there, and enjoy some moments to yourself at the beginning of the day! Or middle! Or end! :)

Create a Loving Environment in Your Home!

LOVE is the most important ingredient in making a HOME!!! Don't just assume your family knows that you love them, you must tell them so every day! Kind words and warm hugs are the best!!! :) Make it a rule in your home to encourage positive words and tone of voice. To be uplifting. Encourage your family to spend time together often to build strong bonds! Be supportive of the dreams that your family has, for HOME is where they are first dreamt!

And when your family comes home, whether from work, school, or just playing across the street, be sure to say:

WELCOME!! I sure missed you! I am so glad that you are HOME!!!

ps--come back and visit again tomorrow for a FUN SPRING GARDEN PROJECT!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guess What I Won?!!

{Our 2009 Family Easter Picture.
Taken at my parents' new home in Florida, where we were on vacation this past week!
We had a great time with my sister's family, my parents, and grandmother too!!}


Guess what was waiting for me when I arrived back home from our Easter vacation?!!

This fabulous giveaway prize from the darling Ms. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality,
and Karl at Hudson Goods!!!

A Large Oval Recycled Glass Bottle!!!

I was SO EXCITED when I found out that I won, that I just may have screamed and done a little happy dance! :) I wanted this bottle SO BADLY when I saw it on Rhoda's blog, and was even dreaming about it! LOL!! I still can't believe I won!

above 3 pics are from

I also received this sweet Rose Geranium Soap that Karl tucked into the package for me!!

Here's how I displayed the bottle in my own home:
I tucked a blooming branch from a dogwood tree in the woods inside, and
placed it on my "buffet" table in the breakfast nook!

I just love it!

(the light was gray outside, so it gave a very ethereal quality to the photos)

I think this bottle could work with a variety of decorating styles!

And I love that it's made from recycled glass, too!

This bottle is amazingly wonderful! You could honestly design a room around this baby!! I am planning to ask Hubby for the 2 companion bottles for my birthday next month (hint, hint...)! I know they'll look beautiful wherever I place them!

Go check out to see more of what Karl and his dog Buddy offer (a cool thing: no shipping charge, and no tax unless you live in NJ!)
and also check out his blog here!
(and I'm not being paid to tell you this, I just like to pass along a good thing!!)

So, once again
To Rhoda and Karl!!!

Tomorrow I'll continue the "Going from a House to a Home" series!
Have a wonderful afternoon!!