Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Junk Trip - Day 3 - Buffalo, MN

We left our hotel on Day 3, and headed to Buffalo, MN for a fun-filled day of shopping! So many of these stores weren't originally open on that day, but were kind enough to open just for the Red Shed Girls! All of them also had yummy scones, pastries, cookies, cider, wine& cheese, & water bottles to keep our energy up as we shopped -- how sweet! Thanks everyone!!
Our 1st stop was at a great junkin' store called Sweet Salvage. Notice all the cool junk nailed around the store sign! The prices were great, and we all found some incredible stuff here. If only I lived closer...! I got a pair of old claw feet I'll use as bookends, a chair back that'll be angel wings in a project, and a too cool wire basket that I'm making a chandie out of (inspired by the cool ones at the Junk Bonanza that were snatched up oh-so-fast!).
The girls start loading on to the truck (TX girls got the use of a truck to haul back their goodies--lucky ducks! Good thing there was a shipping place across the street from the hotel for me!)
Next, we went to Second Hand Rose and This & That. 2 fun shops that, again, opened for us!
The owners of Second Hand Rose were just so sweet, and great finds were scored in here! Christy got the coolest old carnival game wheel, and the Red Shed got a FREE -- yes, FREE -- vintage red refridgerator that they'll use for displays!
We even got a free gift just for coming by the shop! How sweet is that?!

Next we headed to downtown Buffalo, MN. A cute couple block area of shops and deli's. Everyone was so NICE, they call it "Minnesota Nice"! You wouldn't even believe how kind everyone was! All the shops had signs to greet us, and goodies to eat, and some even changed the entire store front display to a western TX theme in honor of the Red Shed Girls! If you're in the Minneapolis area, I HIGHLY recommend you take a day to swing by Buffalo!
Yesterday's Charm was a darling spot, and I got a couple cute things here as well. Several of the girls were squealing with delight over the old gear molds that they found here, too! I may have to call in about that!

Barn Chix was holding this amazing entryway bench for the Red Shed that they found on their scouting out the area trip! Click on the pic to enlarge.

This cool old barn was transformed into Buffalo Nickel antiques. It was huge, and there's so much to see there!
After a fun day of shopping, we went to Axels for dinner, and the group had the biggest onion rings I've ever seen! We ordered so many, that we decided to share with the people at the bar area! Some of the old men wondered who in the group was single - hehe! :)
Here's my purchases for today:

(I only laid out one plate & cup, but I bought a whole set, including saucers too)
That night we had a pj party (although only half of us wore pj's -- I did though, and brought a comfy-cozy blanket too!) and we had sooo much fun talking and laughing! Ki came to join us and we had the best time! She is such a blast, and was kind enough to bring her latest book "Junk Beautiful" to sign for everyone!
Hanging, talking & talking, and drinking some wine! :)
I also brought 3 vintage word flashcards that say "we went everywhere" to have the group sign as a reminder of this special trip! (I think Ki's holding them on her lap in the above pic!)
A late night shot of me & Ki!
This day was SOOO much fun, and I'm so glad that y'all are able to "re-live" this trip with me! Tomm. will be the last post on the Junk Trip! Come back to see what cool stuff I got then!!
ps--we had a stomach bug hit a couple ladies on the trip :(, guess who came down with it last night?! Please pray my kids don't get it!!

pss--for more great pics visit Margo's Junkin' Journal and Red Shed Antiques


Shannon said...

How fun! I can't wait to see what all you bought!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You guys must have had a ball!! I just love it. And I am jealous of those gals who got to haul everything back in a kind of shopping!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

So much fun living through you...except the stomach flu thing.
I am doing a 4 meals in 4 minutes give away tomorrow, so come by. :)

cherry said...

fun fun fun! Great pics...droooling here on the stuff. cherry

cherry said...

OHHHH sorry Stacy..hope you feel better! And I am praying now the kids dont get sick. Hugs, cherry

Unknown said...

So funny. I'm not sure how I came across your blog but I live in MN and my girlfriend and I go to Buffalo every month for our junk'in kick! So glad you enjoyed it here!
Cheers to you!