Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 Things...Quick & Easy Ideas for a Tidy Home

Need an easy way to get your home straightened up in a jiffy?

Company coming over in a minute or there's just no time in your day?

Here are some easy tips!

{Focus on a few main areas, and you'll be surprised how tidy your home can be!}


1) Have a nice, clean entrance! Clear the entry table and floor area from all clutter. Put bills & mail away, shoes in the closet, and straighten the door mat/rug.

2) Wipe down kitchen counters and sink. No time to do the dishes? Pile them in the sink and place a pretty dishtowel on top to hide the mess!

3) Wipe off kitchen table and push in the chairs.

4) Fluff couch cushions and pillows. Your living room will instantly look nice & neat!

5) Straighten up the coffee table. Stack magazines neatly, plop remotes in a basket or on a tray, and take any stray snack dishes to the kitchen sink.

6) Place a fresh, clean hand towel in the bathroom, and wipe down the sink.

7) Grab a big basket
and place all of the stuff left on the floor (toys, a book, slippers, whatever your family leaves all over!) inside. Put in a closet and be sure to have the family put those items away later in that same day!

8) Open your curtains
and blinds and let in the light. If it's a nice day then open a window for a breeze and to hear the sounds of nature. This looks beautiful and makes your rooms seem brighter and bigger too!

9) Turn on a lamp or three
for a nice, warm, welcoming glow!

10) Close doors to untidy areas, light a pretty candle, and greet those at the door with a smile!


And Remember:

A Welcoming Home Begins With A Welcoming Heart!

This post brought to you by our sponsor Red Letter Words...faith inspired art.


Decor To Adore said...

All fantastic tips! I'm off to grab my broom and sweep the front porch now. :)

Janna said...

THanks. I needed these quick easy tips since I tend to focus on the big things instead of breaking it down into the little easy ones :)

Jenny said...

Great tips!!! Thanks!

Melissa Miller said...

Good tips Stacey! Love the basket idea. :)

Seizing My Day said...

I do most !! Does that make me a master at hiding my imperfections?? ha ha! except I hide my dishes in hot bubbly water!~ =) and boiling vanilla on your stove gives that "I just baked" smell!! he he! love it!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

These are all great tips!! I do feel like the lamps/natural sunlight combo helps a lot!

Unknown said...

this is a great post! I like the basket idea a lot.
I always feel if the counters and tables are cleaned of the mail and clutter and if I light a couple candles...everything looks better. Candle glow works wonders...
GREAT post!

Joy@Thrifty Parsonage Living said...

Great tips! I'm off to clean before my guest arrive who traved 1700 miles to my home :)

Musings Of A Gem said...

Great easy ideas..something to remember when your in a panic when last minute guests are around the corner : )

Gemma @ Musings of a Gem


LuLu said...

I can always use quick tips for arriving guests. I'm off to pick up the kitchen for starters,

freshnewday said...

Thank you for your beautiful words through this blog. I took a lot of notes today from your posts, because this is exactly what I needed. There's nothing wrong with wanting a home to be beautiful, but so much better is the goal to create a place of love and care. I prayed today that God would make my house a place where He can minister.

Em said...

I love all your 10 things... great ideas :)

Teresa said...

I love your tips!!! What great ideas! I love the windows open and the natural light and the fragrance of candles. Thank you for posting this!

Chrissy said...

LOVE you blog!!! My favorite so far. I am new so come visit my blog at The Busy Beaver at cbeavers.blogspot.com

phillips phamily said...

Love the tips. Making the bed always makes the house seem cleaner to me!

Amber B. said...

great tips! I try to do some of those things when I start feeling like the house is out of control. It really does make me feel better!

Kristen said...

I especially like and agree with number two - even if I can't get all the dishes in the dishwasher, it really helps to have clean, wiped down counters. I've never tried putting a dishtowel over the sink. That's a new one for me!

Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Love these ideas! I love to run the vacuum or floor duster to pick up flying dog/cat hair before guests arrive. Doesn't take 2 minutes and makes a huge difference!

Anonymous said...

Stacey, I'll be printing out your list to tape to the inside of my pantry door! I tend to panic when guests come over on short notice, and your great ideas will help keep me focused.

One thing I always do, without fail, is light a lemon-scented candle before company arrives. I like to think the clean smell will fool the eye into thinking my house is cleaner than it really is. ;)

southerninspiration said...

Great tips!!!
I'll be right over! :D