Friday, March 26, 2010

Green Thumb Gardening Day Party!!!

Welcome to the very first

Green Thumb Gardening Day Party!!!

I'm so glad to have y'all here!

If you think that you have a "black thumb" and are just no good at gardening, well then, think again, my friend! :)

Our Green Thumb Gardening series is designed with you in mind.


Alright, my darling decorating friends :),
did you know that you can use those amazing decorating skills when gardening?

It's true! Just like you have a "shell" of a room that you begin with in decorating before adding in the furniture & accessories, the garden also has a "shell" that you must begin with first.

This "shell" or structure of the garden is what you would concentrate on first, before planting any other plants!

This would include such things as:
A fence, hedge, walkways, deck/patio, arbor, garden shed, existing large trees, perimeter of property, etc.

{above photos: The Blessed Nest - My last Garden in North Carolina}

This garden room (above) clearly shows the "shell". The fence and garden shed were placed, then I'm guessing that pathways and garden beds were designed, then the plants and accessories came last.

Sometimes it's just the existing trees and plant life that form the "walls" of a garden, no fence needed!

This outdoor dining patio is lovely, isn't it?!! This separate "room" in the garden has the structure of the stone patio, the arbor, grass pathway, and tree canopy overhead. The other plants just fill in and accentuate!

This entry gate is beautiful, it reminds me of the garden gates on Nantucket.
What a statement to make as the entrance point to your garden!

{above 4 photos: Country Living}

Love the little informal garden rooms here...

The tall hedge is the border of this garden, with a row of hydrangea and other perennials in front for color and form.

{above 2 photos: Martha Stewart .com}

Later in our Green Thumb Gardening series I'll share how else Decorating skills can be put to good use in the Garden for a beautiful Garden space!!!

I'd love to have you link up for our Party today! :)

Share your favorite Garden pictures from this year or last year, front door pots or wreath, plants or flowers in the house, gardening tips, veggies, inspiration photos, etc.!

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Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

So excited for this series! Happy to be linking up this week - Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to see some inspiration! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Stacey, my post is scheduled for the morning, and I will link up as soon as it publishes. :) Thanks in advance for hosting!

Victoria Hayden said...

I love gardening! We have a space here we are excited to transform into just that...a great garden! Still waiting for Spring to show and stay here...just had more snow today! This will be great to link up as we work on ours...great post Stacey!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'm all linked up! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your garden. The window box on the shed (playhouse?) was so pretty! I would just love to ditch our icky chain link fence and get a beautiful white picket fence like your "Nantucket" picture, but the funds are just not there. And I suppose the chain link keeps the dog in the back yard better. ;)

Thanks again for hosting! :)

Unknown said...

I linked up too. I love gardening and decorating outdoors. After a long winter it feels so good to fix up our outdoor spaces.

Anne Fannie said...

I am late visiting your Green Thumb Gardening Day Party, I will have to remember it next week!
Love all your pretty garden pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting, I'm off to see what everyone is up to this Spring.

Unknown said...

I hope this is a weekly series! I just found it and would love to link to you :) oh and I'm your newest follower!